Q Conversations

Jon Ossoff: I’ll bring ‘deeply rooted’ LGBTQ inclusion to U.S. Senate

With promises to codify equality if he unseats U.S. Sen. David Perdue in November, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff affirmed his long-held support, compassion and...

Join us for a Q Conversations live event with Jon Ossoff

Join us Friday for a live discussion with Jon Ossoff, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. Project Q Atlanta founder Matt...

Record LGBTQ inclusion at heart of #TeamBiden campaign in Georgia

Some 15 Georgia delegates to last week’s Democratic National Convention identified as LGBTQ, and still more sit on the state campaign staff for Joe Biden.

Meet three LGBTQ Atlantans fighting for #TeamBidenHarris

With just weeks until the November election, LGBTQ Atlantans are on the frontlines of #TeamBidenHarris serving as senior advisers, prominent campaign surrogates and delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

LGBTQ officials: ‘Ridiculous’ for Kemp to block mask mandates

Doraville City Councilmember Stephe Koontz criticized Gov. Brian Kemp's ban on mask mandates and said it's keeping cities from protecting their residents from the coronavirus pandemic.

Meet three LGBTQ officials waging war on coronavirus in metro Atlanta

With the coronavirus pandemic surging, elected officials across metro Atlanta are struggling with how to protect their communities. And for two LGBTQ municipal leaders, the battle has turned personal.

Self-care crucial to enduring the pandemic, LGBTQ experts say

Staying present, keeping in touch with loved ones, getting exercise and cutting back screen time are ways that LGBTQ Atlanta experts recommend to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

A live Q&A: How to self-care, stay healthy during coronavirus

Stress. Anxiety. Isolation. Economic uncertainty. Welcome to the new normal of the coronavirus pandemic, right? Not so fast.

‘Perfect storm’ fuels support for trans fundraisers in Atlanta

Protests for racial justice and the coronavirus pandemic’s disproportionate effect on people of color helped generate millions for Black transgender women in Atlanta.

Meet 3 activists creating spaces for black trans people in Atlanta

With the calls for racial justice and equality for black transgender people, three campaigns to raise money to fund housing and safe spaces for...

Meet the three people making LGBTQ history in Gwinnett

Gwinnett County, long a majority white Republican stronghold, is changing – dramatically. How do we know? Everton Blair, Ben Ku and Sam Park.The state’s...

Atlanta police reform long overdue, LGBTQ leaders say

The responsibility for the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police rests with Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta City Council members, according...

Can Atlanta police really be reformed? Join us for a live Q&A

The weeks of ongoing protests and marches in Atlanta have echoed themes heard across the country – calls for racial justice and police reform....

LGBTQ Atlanta bars innovate to survive pandemic

LGBTQ Atlanta bar owners have adopted a wide range of ways to keep patrons and employees safe during the coronavirus pandemic, including limiting capacity,...

How are LGBTQ bars surviving coronavirus? Join our live chat

As the coronavirus pandemic exploded on Atlanta in March, the city’s vibrant LGBTQ nightlife scene took a big hit: bars and nightclubs were ordered to shut down on March 19.

LGBTQ lawmakers call for tracking police use of force in Georgia

LGBTQ Georgia lawmakers and leaders called on the state legislature to pass a bill that tracks police use-of-force incidents to address ongoing police brutality issues.

Join us for a live chat about hate crimes and police brutality

Demonstrations across Georgia have refocused attention on the killings of black and transgender people. Lawmakers can take action on police brutality and hate crimes as soon as Monday.

Join us for a live chat about voting for LGBTQ equality in Georgia

It’s a pandemic. Protests over police brutality are filling the streets. Calls for justice and equality are growing louder. In the middle of the chaos, it’s also primary day in Georgia on June 9.




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Georgia LGBTQ leaders endorse Biden as pro-equality ‘champion’

Eleven LGBTQ leaders from metro Atlanta joined some 300 others nationwide to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them “the most pro-equality ticket...

WSB’s Jorge Estevez’s secret to surviving the pandemic? Snacks

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