Q Advice

Three coming out stories, three shows of strength

At 15 or 55, and whether everyone knows, no one know, or just your Mammaw is clueless to your secrets, it isn't easy to set yourself free. The Q has advice for three versions of strength.

When that older man treating you like a sub is so not your daddy

If an older man wants to make you princess and you're not the one, or when a so-called ‘friend’ chokes on his own HIV stigma, it's time to ask Life Judge. It's The Q.

When a friend takes up dating your toxic ex

Whether your sweetie is too clingy but it's about you, or your P.O.S. ex is wreaking havoc and it's not, you ask The Q, and Life Judge helps spread the love.

When your honey cheats on you but you ‘were on a break’

Whether you're a woman who's girlfriend stepped out on you and flaunted it all over town, or you're considering sleeping with your 'slut-puppy' boss, Life Judge has answers in The Q.

How to take the high road when two groomzillas don’t make a right

Whether you are head queen in charge of a gaggle of gabbing gay groomsmen, or the odd queer out from a high school clique, you have issues. Advice from Life Judge can help.