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Three breakups, six hearts and one difficult solution

Breaking up is hard to do, and every split feels like the worst one, ever. A look at what you can do, and what you should avoid, as The Q tries to apply some solutions as salve.

Help! I’m single and looking but definitely not for ‘this person’

Why are my fellow queers intent on setting me up with crazies and freaks – sorry, but these people are actually crazy and weird, they just are – who would never make a match for me.

Oh the tangled web of sex with coworkers

The thrill of office-party hookups, interoffice flirting and longterm secret affairs between coworkers is gone when the jig is up, or the participants realize they don't see eye to eye on what's happening.

Stalkers and exes who don’t know how to let go

Leaving affections in the past, or forgetting them as never-were, isn't as easy as for some people as others. Whether it's your a-hole ex or your unrequited love, it's time to let it go.

Bad Romance: How to love yourself and other people

Fit to fat? Bad romance? D-I-V-O-R-C-E? Ask the Q why self respect and integrity are the keys to common problems queers often face without a solid foundation to make the right call.

LGBTQ rebounds, love clusters and sex losers

Should you worry that you're moving on too quickly after a breakup? Do you think everybody gets laid more than you? Are your ties with friends in knots? Welcome to The Q.

How to cut the cord on those LGBTQ mommy issues

Whether you're still parenting an ex after a break up, or a grown adult living and partying with mom into your 30s, you've got issues. Life Judge in The Q can clear the psychological underbrush.

How to break up like a grownup instead of a jerk

Bailing on difficult conversations? Adulting is hard. If you're ghosting instead of confronting, sabotaging yourself to avoid discussion, or missing out over having a chat, it's time to buck up.

Navigating new relationships, past regrets and forks in the road

The trouble with trying to live down your past isn't just that it's over. It's that you can't get over it. The only thing you can change now is your mind, and we have some Q advice that might help.

Stay or go? Romance, love and the seven-year itch

Should you trade marriage for the passion of your once-a-year dalliance? A sure thing for a dream fulfilled? Are you in a rut or afraid to move forward? In both cases, Life Judge knows.

My best friend’s boo is hitting on me. Help!

So your bestie has a new love, only that new love is hitting on you bigtime. Which one do you talk to first, and how? You have issues. Advice from our Life Judge can help.

What white lies, broken promises and Grindr ghosting say about you

Whether it's white lies to your boo, being perpetually late, or ditching a hookup, being true to your word is hard for some people. Level up by doing what you say and saying what you mean.

Help for LGBTQs ugly with envy and green with age

Got a significant other so hot you're a jealous mess? Aging and letting yourself feel like a troll? Step 1 is to stop worrying, because wringing your hands compounds your issues.

LGBTQ fears of kink leave feelings of ‘crazy and afraid’

The thrill of the chase often gets old as you do, and freezing your desires for the sake of others does too. Time to overcome preconceptions so you can move forward.

Generation Gaps: Coming out at 15, 35 or 55

Q: I’m 15, out and unhappy. My mom is cool with me being gay, but she’d rather talk about me finishing school and getting a...

My ex still threatens, harasses and gossips about me

Q: At first of course, my ex’s charm was awesome. Well, all that glitters in this queer world isn't gold... or hell even brass for...

Running scared from that other ‘L’ Word: Love

Q: My girlfriend is getting too close for comfort. She says my past heartbreaks are obstacles to me feeling the same way about her as...

Ghosting, shaming and being mean when you’re just not that into it

Q: I had sex with this boy, and it was fine. With booze and whatever other circumstances, I was attracted to him in the moment,...

‘Mutual abuse’ and 16 signs that your relationship is toxic

An alarming statistic out this month sets domestic violence between same-sex couples — both male and female — apart from straight couples. More than...

Um, I think my date just bailed without saying goodbye

"Some 90 minutes and several questions from friends about his absence later, I got a return text, “I’m fine.” Then another “I went home.”...