Coronavirus shrinks Black Gay Pride festival but not its nightlife

The official events have moved online or have been canceled, but Black Gay Pride nightlife continues in full force this weekend in Atlanta –...

Atlanta Pride cancels outdoor festival and parade

LGBTQ Atlanta’s biggest event of the year – the Atlanta Pride festival in Piedmont Park and parade through Midtown in early October – has...

Pride writes demand letter to Mayor Bottoms about Atlanta police

On the day of its vigil to honor black lives, Atlanta Pride Committee released a pledge against police brutality and a letter of demands...

Pride, Out on Film stir up ‘Virtual Insanity’ of Stonewall events

On Wednesday, Atlanta Pride finally revealed how it will recognize the 50th anniversary of Atlanta’s first march for LGBTQ equality, amid a backdrop of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter concerns.

Out On Film launches virtual film festival for Stonewall Month

In celebration of Stonewall Month and in partnership with Georgia Equality, Atlanta’s LGBTQ film festival Out On Film announced a weekly online screening series that begins next week.

City stops event permits, but Atlanta Pride is not canceled

The City of Atlanta has not canceled the Atlanta Pride festival and other outdoor events scheduled for the fall, despite a news outlet reporting that it had.

Coronavirus prompts Athens Pride to cancel fall street festival

Athens Pride, citing concern for volunteers and attendees, canceled its street festival set for October and turned to helping non-profits assisting people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Atlanta Pride says 50th anniversary event in October on – for now

Atlanta Pride organizers said they continue to plan the annual celebration with hopes the coronavirus pandemic won’t sideline them like it has so many large public gatherings.

Atlanta Pride member quits, fears workplace retaliation

Another Atlanta Pride Committee member resigned and the longtime volunteer said a "severe conflict of interest" by Pride's executive director had him in fear of losing his fulltime job.

Festival coordinators quit as Atlanta Pride resignations continue

Two longtime Atlanta Pride Committee members resigned as the non-profit manages the ongoing departures of board members, staff and committee members leading into its 50th annual event.

Atlanta Pride awards $100,000 to local non-profits

The Atlanta Pride Committee gave over $100,000 in grants to 16 metro Atlanta non-profits as part of its community reinvestment initiative.

Two employees quit as Atlanta Pride turmoil continues

Half of Atlanta Pride’s staff resigned in the past month as the non-profit manages sustained criticism from former board members, committee members and employees.

Atlanta Pride leadership creates ‘sick situation,’ critics say

Two Atlanta Pride Committee board members gave up their seats and claimed the organization conducted a “sham” board election, is awash in secrecy and is plagued by entrenched power.

Board member speaks out as Atlanta Pride tries to oust him

The Atlanta Pride Committee’s board of directors failed to force out a fellow member one day after he publicly raised concerns about the organization’s leadership and financial future.

Atlanta Pride holds closed meeting, hires PR firm amid criticism

The Atlanta Pride Committee held a members-only meeting watched over by an Atlanta police officer as the organization's executive director reacts to continuing complaints from volunteers and former staffers.

Atlanta Pride wants police to investigate leaked documents

The Atlanta Pride Committee’s executive director wants the Atlanta Police Department to find the person who leaked internal documents to the media.

Atlanta Pride attorney recommends staff, board overhaul

An outside attorney hired by the Atlanta Pride Committee advised the non-profit to undergo an audit, make wholesale changes to a “clearly dysfunctional” board of directors and replace the group’s executive director.

Atlanta Pride board chair resigns, calls for leadership change

The chair of the board of directors of the Atlanta Pride Committee resigned after a failed effort to oust the group’s executive director.

Atlanta Pride block party rocks Ten in Midtown

Queer Atlanta got a prime Pride parade-watching spot at Ten on Sunday complete with drinks, boys and beats.

Queer Atlanta flocks to Piedmont Park for Pride

LGBTQ Atlantans roamed through Piedmont Park after the Atlanta Pride parade on Sunday despite some pesky rain.



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