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LGBTQ groups call for trans-inclusive restrooms in Pickens County

Georgia Equality and 11 other LGBTQ and allied groups criticized the Pickens County School Board’s decision to block access for transgender students to the restrooms that match their gender identity.

Pickens County school board blocks restrooms for trans students

The Pickens County School Board, citing death threats, harassment and vandalism, reversed course and said it will stop allowing transgender students to use restrooms that match their gender identity.

Restrooms for trans students ‘tears apart’ North Georgia county

The superintendent of Pickens County schools has suspended his decision to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.

Buddy Carter doesn’t want ‘them’ transgenders in military

Georgia's own U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter – once concerned with which bathrooms transgender students use – now has a new target for his bigoted angst: transgender members of the military.

Georgia school chief aims at trans students in re-election bid

Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods – who last year blasted protections for transgender students – is again targeting LGBT students as he kicks off his re-election campaign.

Atlanta schools back protections for trans students

Several school districts in metro Atlanta – and at least one college campus – reaffirmed their commitment to protect trans students in the wake of the Trump administration rescinding guidelines on their safety.

Georgia lawmaker mocks rules for trans students

A Georgia lawmaker who has called LGBT people 'pansies' and labeled them a 'hate group' turned his scorn to transgender students and supporters of federal guidelines on how to protect them in schools.

LGBT groups want Georgia out of anti-trans suit

LGBT activists are calling on Georgia's new attorney general to drop the state's participation in a lawsuit challenging federal guidelines on the treatment of transgender students.

Georgia senator: Anti-gay law ‘doing right thing’

A Georgia Republican backed a controversial anti-LGBT law in North Carolina – calling it a principled stand – and hoped for the failure of ACC championships pulled from that state and moved to his own.

Ga. wins first round in fight against trans students

The judge overseeing a lawsuit from Georgia and 12 other states issued an injunction, stopping new federal guidelines about the treatment of transgender students from going into effect.

Trans students in Ga. get new tool to fight bigotry

Transgender students in Georgia facing bullying and discrimination have a new tool to turn to as the school year begins, thanks to five LGBT and progressive organizations.

Hall County block trans students in bathrooms

Hall County in North Georgia is sticking by its refusal to allow transgender students in its public school system to use bathrooms that match their gender identity, arguing it's a 'common sense approach.'

U.S. Attorney: I’m fighting for LGBT civil rights in Georgia

U.S. Attorney John Horn – the top federal prosecutor in North Georgia – told scores of LGBT Atlanta organizers and activists that his office is creating a special unit to better investigate civil rights complaints.

Tanya Ditty keeps trolling LGBT Georgians

The grandmother who spanked Gov. Nathan Deal for not protecting her anti-gay views is back trolling LGBT Atlanta, this time mad that trans people might want to match their name with their gender identity.

Georgia’s trans population fourth-highest in U.S.

Georgia has the fourth-highest percentage of transgender residents, a large slice of the 1.4 million trans adults across the U.S., according to a first-ever state-level estimate of people who identify as trans.

Atlanta companies take lead on trans bathrooms

As politicians rant about transgender bathroom access, Atlanta's biggest companies are taking action – enacting policies allowing trans employees to use the rest room matching their gender identity.

Erick Erickson: Scrub gay from Orlando massacre

Toxic anti-gay troll and Atlanta radio host Erick Erickson wants to scrub the Orlando massacre of its gay roots and blames LGBT activists for using the tragedy to promote a 'bathroom agenda.'

Students reveal pain of being transgender in Georgia schools

Transgender and gender nonconforming students in Georgia face barriers to their education as varied as regular bullying and beatings, teachers without a clue what it means to be transgender, and navigating school administrators uncertain how to provide a safe environment to learn in.

Anti-gay lawmaker: LGBT activists trying to blackmail me

State Sen. Josh McKoon, maneuvering to keep his throne as the Gold Dome's hater-in-chief, promised to 'absolutely' resurrect 'religious freedom' legislation next year and questioned if anti-LGBT discrimination even exists in Georgia.

KKK fliers target trans people in metro Atlanta

The Ku Klux Klan targets transgender people in fliers they used to litter a Douglas County neighborhood with over the weekend, calling them an 'abomination.'