Deb Mell wants to be first lesbian in Illinois legisature

imageDeborah Mell was expecting a peaceful event when she joined hundreds of demonstrators in downtown Chicago for a pro-gay marriage rally in March 2004. Instead, things got rowdy, and Mell was arrested. A female police officer said Mell attacked her, and Mell was taken away in a paddy wagon. Within 15 minutes her father, Richard Mell, a powerful Chicago alderman, came to her rescue—and soon found himself addressing some 300 polarized protesters on both sides of the same-sex marriage debate. “I love my daughter Deb,” the alderman told the incensed crowd. “She believes fervently in a cause, and she stands for that cause—and I will support anybody who does that.” Deb Mell was launched that day—and in November she is set to become the first open lesbian to serve in the Illinois general assembly. For the full story from 365gay.com, go here.

Palin said no to hate crimes law

imageA 2006 questionnaire completed by Sarah Palin during her race for the Alaska governorship sheds some light on her views of gay rights and other issues. The questionnaire, sponsored by Eagle Forum Alaska, a conservative group, asked, “Will you support an effort to expand hate crime laws?” She replied, “No, as I believe all heinous crime is based on hate.” Palin also answered a question about extending spousal benefits to domestic partners. The question read, “Do you support the Alaska Supreme Court’s ruling that spousal benefits for state employees should be given to same-sex couples? Why or why not?” For the full story from the Washington Blade, go here.

CNN better than NBC on ‘G-word’

imageWhen it comes to gay, CNN clearly has the advantage over NBC. The Peacock blew its opportunity to treat Olympic athletes fairly on Saturday. That's when all eyes were focused on Matthew Mitcham, the Aussie diver who was also the only openly gay male athlete competing in Beijing. As he completed his stunning performance to take gold in the 10-meter diving competition, NBC nailed every moment of the upset.

Biden called ‘reliable friend’ to gay community

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s decision to pick Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) as his vice presidential running mate drew immediate praise from gay activists in Delaware, who called Biden a strong and reliable friend of the gay community. After more than two months of deliberation over selecting a vice presidential nominee, Obama announced Biden’s selection shortly after 3 a.m. Saturday in text messages and e-mails sent to his campaign supporters. Although Biden, 65, has not signed on as a co-sponsor for as many gay-related bills as activists would have liked, he has voted for gay-supportive legislation and against anti-gay measures nearly every time such legislation came before the Senate during his 35-year tenure as a senator, according to Delaware activists. “You won’t see him taking the lead on gay issues, but whenever there is a vote, he’s always with us,” said Peter Schott, president of the Stonewall Democratic Club of Delaware, a gay rights group. “He’s a great choice for vice president,” said Steve Elkins, executive director of Camp Rehoboth, a gay social and community service organization in Rehoboth Beach, a Delaware resort town with a large gay community. “Biden has always been very supportive of everything we’ve done,” Elkins said. Last year, after announcing his candidacy for president, Biden joined other Democratic presidential candidates, including Obama, in expressing support for an employment non-discrimination bill that includes both gays and transgender persons. For the full story from the Washington Blade, go here.

Bob Barr stumps for anti-gay votes

imageLibertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr went whoring for votes in Colorado on Monday, meeting with top officials from the anti-gay Focus on the Family. He didn't meet with James Dobson, the Focus chief who was recovering from surgery. But the campaign stump is troubling nonetheless, given that Barr has turned back from his conservative rhetoric in recent years to a more Libertarian leaning that included second thoughts about his backing of the Defense of Marriage Act while he was a Congressman from suburban Atlanta.
What about the former Georgia congressman’s recent statements on gay marriage and second thoughts about his own Defense of Marriage Act? “What Bob has said is exactly the conservative philosophy — that these are state isues that should be decided by the people within a state, as opposed to the federal government being involved in non-federal issues,” [campaign manager] Russell Verney said.