Georgia LGBTQ leaders endorse Biden as pro-equality ‘champion’

Eleven LGBTQ leaders from metro Atlanta joined some 300 others nationwide to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them “the most pro-equality ticket...

Jon Ossoff: I’ll bring ‘deeply rooted’ LGBTQ inclusion to U.S. Senate

With promises to codify equality if he unseats U.S. Sen. David Perdue in November, Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff affirmed his long-held support, compassion and...

Marjorie Taylor Greene taking her hate for LGBTs to Congress

Marjorie Taylor Greene is making national headlines with her racist and conspiracy views, but don't forget that Tuesday’s winner in a GOP runoff for Congress also attacks LGBTQ people.

Meet the newest LGBTQ lawmaker in the Georgia House

Thanks to a commanding win in a progressive district in June, attorney Marvin Lim is on his way to joining the largest group of LGBTQ lawmakers ever in the Georgia House.

Meet the priest likely to be Georgia’s first LGBTQ state senator

When a 13-year-old Kim Jackson saw her hometown elect its first black mayor, she wanted to run for office. At 35, she’s on her way to becoming Georgia’s first LGBTQ state senator.

Park Cannon among five finalists to replace John Lewis

State Rep. Park Cannon – one of five LGBTQ members of the Georgia legislature – is among the finalists to replace U.S. Rep. John Lewis, the civil rights icon who died on Friday.

Jon Ossoff gets HRC endorsement in Georgia Senate race

The Human Rights Campaign on Wednesday endorsed “true ally” Jon Ossoff in his quest to unseat U.S. Sen. David Perdue and turn Georgia blue...

Kemp signs ‘historic’ LGBT-inclusive hate crimes bill into law

Gov. Brian Kemp signed a hate crimes bill into law on Friday, ending a 16-year drought that had left Georgia as one of only...

Georgia lawmakers pass historic, LGBTQ-inclusive hate crimes bill

The Georgia General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a historic hate crimes bill on Tuesday, a measure that for the first time in state history includes...

Georgia Senate committee fails to vote on hate crimes bill

After weeks of deafening public calls to pass a hate crimes bill and hours of behind-the-scenes negotiations on Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a...

LGBTQ lawmakers call for tracking police use of force in Georgia

LGBTQ Georgia lawmakers and leaders called on the state legislature to pass a bill that tracks police use-of-force incidents to address ongoing police brutality issues.

Join us for a live chat about hate crimes and police brutality

Demonstrations across Georgia have refocused attention on the killings of black and transgender people. Lawmakers can take action on police brutality and hate crimes as soon as Monday.

Big Georgia companies call for state hate crimes law

The biggest names in Atlanta’s corporate and sports worlds – from Atlanta United to Coca-Cola, Porsche and Delta Air Lines – called on Georgia lawmakers to pass a comprehensive hate crimes bill when they return to the State Capitol.

Join us for a live chat about voting for LGBTQ equality in Georgia

It’s a pandemic. Protests over police brutality are filling the streets. Calls for justice and equality are growing louder. In the middle of the chaos, it’s also primary day in Georgia on June 9.

Sarah Riggs Amico celebrates Pride month in U.S. Senate run

Sarah Riggs Amico – one of the Democrats hoping to unseat U.S. Sen. David Perdue – kicked off Pride month with a call for racial equality and a public conversation with transgender advocates.

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan calls for Georgia hate crimes law

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan broke his silence on a hate crimes law in Georgia, voicing support but calling for significant changes to a measure that’s already passed the state House.

Business groups call for ‘swift passage’ of Georgia hate crimes law

The leaders of two influential business groups in metro Atlanta called on Georgia lawmakers to pass a hate crimes bill when they return to the State Capitol next month.

Stonewall Democrats endorses 11 LGBTQ candidates in Georgia races

Georgia Stonewall Democrats endorsed 72 candidates, including 11 LGBTQ ones, in Georgia races, saying they will “make our state fairer and more equitable.”

Georgia Equality endorses candidates in local, judicial races

Georgia Equality endorsed 12 candidates, including one LGBTQ one, in municipal and judicial races and said each pick would usher “fairness into their office.”

Ahmaud Arbery’s killing renews call for Georgia hate crimes law

A powerful GOP lawmaker wants an LGBTQ-inclusive hate crimes bill, and Gov. Brian Kemp hinted he’s open to the legislation, which stalled last year amid opposition from other Republicans.




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Georgia LGBTQ leaders endorse Biden as pro-equality ‘champion’

Eleven LGBTQ leaders from metro Atlanta joined some 300 others nationwide to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them “the most pro-equality ticket...

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