Spikes, dives and pumping iron

image Hotlanta Classic goes off without a hitch. That’s volleyball, folks. There's photos, too. Action Cycling drops big donation on Emory Vaccine Center. Gay chamber scores with Atlanta Dream reception. Yup, photos for this one, too. Lisa Borders loves the Dream. Why we love Olympic decathletes. (photo) Remember Greg Louganis? Falcons prepare for new season while other local pros struggle with irrelevancy. Georgia Tech football players pump the iron. Shaq dumps Kobe. Then Miami. And now his house.

Action Cycling delivers big number

image With the final numbers crunched, Action Cycling 200 announced its fund-raising tally on Sunday: $106,000. The amount surpassed the $100,000 goal organizers of the annual event set for themselves this year, and far exceeded fund-raising totals from past years. Since its inception in 2003, the event has raised more than $400,000 for the Emory Vaccine Center, a facility that researches vaccines for AIDS and other infectious diseases. The announcement came Sunday during Action Cycling’s closing event in the Sky Lounge at MidCity Lofts in Midtown, where riders, volunteers and officials with the vaccine center joined to toast the event, celebrate its fund-raising prowess and display an over-sized, six-figure check. Some 65 riders gathered about an hour after sunrise on May 17 for the event, which is a two-day, 200-mile journey from Decatur to Eatonton and back. To see photos from the ride, go here. For a gallery of photos from Sunday's closing event, go here.

Golden Trout and sporty Pride

Trout grabs medals at international championships.

Hotlanta Softball enters home stretch.

When it comes to Atlanta Pride, sports groups bring it.

Atlanta Dream wins one. Then another. Then they lose.

Gay swimmers miss cut for Beijing Olympics.

Bojo’s sexy mojo.

Olympic swimmer battles foe out of water.

What you don’t know about butt wedges and whizzinators.

Chipper’s got so
much money he doesn’t care.

Vince Young is smooth. No homo.

Frenchy’s on a roller coaster ride with the Atlanta Braves.

A-Rod knows how to vogue.

Jocks, Frenchy and Madonna

Broncos the best in flag football.

Hotlanta Softball looks to World Series.

Gay jocks take on Olympic trials.

Atlanta Dream wins one for the team.

Frenchy and his pounds sent packing. Billy Bean, too (photo).

Summer might just stink for pro sports in the ATL.

A-Rod’s batting for Madonna.

Runners, sparkplugs and losers

Run, gays, run.

Atlanta Dream wants to win and draw a big crowd for ESPN2.

NASCAR has gay fans. And they have a web site. Really.

Flag football preps for title game.

Gordon Beckham’s a cute loser.

Candace Parker says, “Dunk this.”

Mike Gonzalez is a sexy sparkplug.

Jim Palmer’s got nothing on David Beckham.

Wimbledon not so friendly to Ginepri.

Zach Bogosian brings sexy back to the Atlanta Thrashers.

Big Apple gets Big Cock.