Need Wood

Need Wood? Trouble with ‘who’s the bottom’

In the ever-present world of some gay men to label themselves and others, the question arises: during oral, who’s the “bottom”? We have an answer, but why waste valuable sex time worrying about it?

Need Wood? How to conquer Hot Guy Phobia

You see him. He’s so sexy. You can’t bring yourself to look at him for very long, much less talk to him. Instead of sneaking glances and going home alone, picture him as a doorway.

Need Wood? Is my boyfriend a sex addict?

You wanted to crack the door open to other partners in your relationship. He wanted to blow it off its hinges. Determining whether your guy is just a whore or an addict all comes down to consequences.

Need Wood? How does a top top a top?

He's awesome. You're falling. Everything's perfect—with that one big catch: you're both tops. How to get some booty now and then rather than always giving it up and feeling compromised.

Need Wood? Losing my erection with condoms

You’re not alone if you go limp at the thought of a condom or while searching for one. Here are three reasons that the rat bastards are a buzz kill, and solutions for overcoming their necessary evil.

Need Wood? Ask for what you want in the sack

The first step to satisfaction in the sack is knowing what you want. The second is knowing that if you don’t ask for it, you shouldn’t complain. A few tips on how to bring it up, so to speak.

Need Wood? returns to Atlanta on Project Q

With David magazine out of the media picture, Mike Alvear’s gay sex advice column is among the offerings we missed most. We’re excited to welcome it back, with Project Q Atlanta as home base.