Need Wood

Need Wood? Is the sex I like risky business?

“I’ve been hooking up with this guy and having awesome sex. We both have boyfriends but play on the side. Should we ditch the condoms?” Someone else wants to know about risks in oral sex.

Need Wood? Liar, liar your hookup is fired

“I’ve had bad experiences with guys from my gay hookup app showing up looking 20 years older than say they are—and three inches shorter than advertised, if you know what I mean.”

Need Wood? Bridging age gaps in gay dating

One guy is six years older than the other. Another is 19 but likes ‘em in their late 20s. It’s not exactly a generation gap, but solve any issues with tips that bring out the maturity in both of you.

Need Wood? Ups and downs of booty bleach

Just because it’s in doesn’t mean you should be in it. So goes the big gay trend of anal bleaching. There are safer, cleaner ways if you simply must address your situation down there.

Need Wood? Gay guilt over hairy vs. smooth

Think you’re missing the boat over your preference for hairy over smooth guys? It’s more likely you’re missing the forest for the trees with all the men out there and a reality check of your options.

Need Wood? Simple, stupid. Ask about HIV.

Everyone should disclose his HIV status to potential partners, but it’s difficult and only you can protect you. There’s no use being flabbergasted if you never directly asked the question.

Need Wood? Am I just ‘too nelly’ to get a man?

When mating pits expressing who you are against attracting a man, do what the birds do: Work on your plumage. Change it, change some of it, or work it to your best advantage.

Need Wood? What do you have a taste for?

Knowing what you want comes first. Knowing how to ask for it—however uncomfortable you think it might make people—is the key to success. Ask and you shall receive.

Need Wood? Giving him a second chance

When it comes to dating players or incompatible partners, second chances aren’t for him to stop doing wrong; they’re for you to get it right. Listen to yourself when you write letters like these.

Need Wood? Reporting for cleanup duty, sir

Tops beware: some bottoms aren’t ready for what you’re offering. Two letters this week need to know how to ask, suggest and flat out say that he needs to clean up before you can say “bottoms up.”

Need Wood? No, not yet! Aw! Came too soon

Many guys have issues with premature ejaculation. Go from two-pump chump to long-time champ by understanding, working through and conquering the five stages of sexual response.

Need Wood? Don’t be afraid to think kink

Coming to grips with your darker urges? Don’t beat yourself up about it; let someone else! Start by accepting what you like. Then getting what you want and finding others to play with is a snap.

Need Wood? Don’t be a three-way third wheel

Two letters this week remind us of the golden rule: check yourself. Listen to the man in the mirror when it comes to three-ways, and ask the same guy what he thinks butch and femme are.

Need Wood? What to say on that new-guy date

The key to good conversation with a new guy is like good sheets: high thread count. The more you keep the conversation going in multiple directions, the less likely either of you will be bored.

Need Wood? Send your reputation to Slut Rehab

So you used to be a manwhore. You had your fun, but now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass, and not in a good way. First, chill. Then check out these tips on restoring your rep.

Need Wood? Make manscaping scream-free

So many gay men groom their body hair that it’s best to know what you’re doing. Stubble is bad enough, but here are some no-shave options with varying degrees of burn, baby, burn!

Need Wood? Bottoming and booty bumps

Don’t laugh. Hemorrhoids are no joke, and they’re particularly annoying for gay men who have anal sex. Here’s a cautionary tail... er, tale, plus some myth busting and practical tips you can really use.

Need Wood? Bit lip, lap bits, lil’ bit

If “There's no such thing as a stupid question,” here are three that challenge that. HIV from kissing? Crotch radiation from laptop? And "old" guys keep hitting on me. Rx: liberal application of logic.

Need Wood? How to drive bottoms wild

You're on top. Mix a healthy dose of passion with a few techniques and principles to make sure that, in bed, variety is the spice of life. He'll give you the thumbs up and a green light every time.

Need Wood? Cheat O’Meter: flirting vs. cheating

You see him at the bar or gym. You think, “I’d do him.” You’re fine. Beyond that, let this handy system help you and your boyfriend come to an agreement on what’s OK and what crosses the line.