Need Wood

Need Wood? Gay friend says he’s bisexual

“I’m getting sick of my friend claiming he’s bisexual when he only goes to gay bars. At best, it’s wishful thinking; at worst it’s internal homophobia. How do I get him to admit he’s gay?”

Need Wood? How to handle first night of sex

"I like to go on two or three dates before I sleep with someone. I love the anticipation, but sometimes it makes me stressed out. Are there "rules of engagement" for the first night of sex?"

Need Wood? The art of the sexy handshake

"I’ve tried changing the way I shake hands but always get some random comments. Bottom-line it for me: What’s the best way to shake hands with somebody you’re interested in?"

Need Wood? Why won’t anybody hit on me?

"I know I'm never going to be in People magazine's '50 Most Beautiful People,' but I don't think I'm fugs either. I'm 6'2, 220 lb. Why have I never been asked out, or even approached by a guy?"

Need Wood? Distance in bed = absence of love?

“It’s like my boyfriend is suddenly just going through the motions, if he goes through them at all. Do you think his change in sexual behavior is a sign that he’ll soon kick me to the curb?”

Need Wood? Keep it clean, bottom boys

“Whenever guys meet me, they always assume I’m a bottom, but I avoid anal sex. Bottoming doesn't scare me; making a mess does. How do I stay clean down there?”

Need Wood? Size queens: asking and telling

“I was on a hookup site and hit on a size queen whose sole interest was in was the size of my member. Read my chat transcript, and tell me if I should have just told him. What are my other options?”

Need Wood? Lying your way to online hookups

"If I lie about my age in online profiles, I get lots more responses. Even with the exact same words and pictures, the real me gets zip and the dishonest me gets plenty. What should I do?"

Need Wood? The body language of flirting

"A friend goes, 'You couldn’t tell he wasn’t interested? Dude, his body language was saying ‘go away’ from the moment you said ‘hello!’ What kind of body language signs should I look for?"

Need Wood? How to lose your fear of rejection

"My fear of getting ignored—or worse—mocked, means that I never approach anyone remotely good looking. Needless to say, my love life sucks. How do I turn this around?"

Need Wood? Mad about you: controlling sex rage

After a hot and heavy make-out session, he declined to have sex. I hauled off and smacked him to the ground. Why are so many guys such prick teases, and how do I keep my anger about it in check?

Need Wood? Myths, methods on measuring up

While I consider myself average, it seems almost everyone I sleep with is bigger than me. Is the average gay penis longer? And can you explain the correct methodology for measuring whatcha got?

Need Wood? Breath peels paint, he peels out

I brush my teeth, floss, use mouthwashes, and pop Altoids constantly and people still put clothespins on their noses when I talk. You can imagine what it’s doing to my sex life.

Need Wood? Diapers from bottoming? Depends.

I find myself cruising for hung guys, but I’m worried that I’m going to stretch myself out permanently and do real damage. Will I end up wearing Depends if I keep banging big dudes?

Need Wood? If you like it put a ring on it

I want to try a cock ring, but I don’t know what to buy or how to put it on. It’s all so confusing. How do you decide between leather, metal, or Velcro? And how do I determine what size to get?

Need Wood? How to turn an FB into a BF

Lately, we’ve been doing it more often and having decent conversations after our sessions. How do I turn him from a penis attached to nobody special to somebody special with an attached penis?

Need Wood? HIV victim or HIV idiot?

Getting angry about friends who contract HIV is one thing, but writing them off for lapses in judgment is another. Why is it so hard to get some gay men to wear condoms?

Need Wood? My penis is prettier than me

Do you think it’s "slutty" to hook the boys by showing them the goods upfront then trying to convince them that I'm worth dating, even if I'm not an Abercrombie model?

Need Wood? Measuring up and blowing down

Answers to “Is there a safe, proven way of enlarging my penis?” and “How do I tell somebody they smell like they just rimmed a dozen dirty bungholes after smoking a pack of cigarettes?”

Need Wood? Why’s he online if he’s in love?

“He spends his spare time checking out guys online. He swears it’s just to kill time, but I find it hard to believe you’d check your inbox every night if you were truly in love. Help!”