Need Wood

Need Wood? Body language is the art of flirting

Do you sit back in amazement at guys who get major action without being drop-dead hot? Charismatic? Maybe. More likely, they know five tricks for better flirting—not pickup lines.

Need Wood? He’s romantic, but I can’t breathe

We were face to face when we fell asleep, and I was in romantic bliss. But then I started getting light headed and had to throw him off me. Why, besides the mind-blowing sex, was I so dizzy?

Need Wood? Young lover boy seeks same

I’m in my 20s and prefer men my own age, but I can’t get any of them to pay attention to me. Are all younger guys attracted to older men, or am I missing something—or worse, doing something wrong?

Need Wood? He’s not shy; he’s a jerk-off

Challenging the notion that some guys can’t orgasm when with a partner due to intimacy issues, a reader thinks he has it figured out: They just jerk off too much. Need Wood takes him to task.

Need Wood? Going down road of oral sex risk

Like a good erection, it keeps coming up: Debate over whether oral sex is safe sex, or still a major risk to HIV infection. Another doubter must mean that it’s time to go down that road again.

Need Wood? He’s a jerk, and you’re the problem

When your boyfriend is sleeping with his gay cousin, bringing home STDs and acting angry at you for bringing it up, it’s not time to take a look at his behavior. It’s time to seek help.

Need Wood? Reading the ‘signs’ in gay dating

You saw the signs. Or you thought you did. How to interpret “bad signs” that actually don’t mean dating has gone awry, plus the most common “good signs” that are actually red flags.

Need Wood? Turn him from unsure to intrigued

I think I’m in love, but when I try to bring it up, he says he’s unsure. I’m on the hook while he keeps me in check by not committing. How do I get him to date me exclusively?

Need Wood? Limp love life on antidepressants

I’m in love with my boyfriend, but the lack of sex ever since he went on antidepressants is killing me. Why is his drive so low and his tire so flat? More importantly, what can we do about it?

Need Wood? My dry spell has become a lifestyle

Loneliness is now officially a habit. I’ve got baggage, and I’m addressing it, but I haven’t had a boyfriend in what seems like 100 years. Do you have any good tips for breaking out of my rut?

Need Wood? Check under the hood before dating

I heard getting a guy is like buying a car, that we should check their credit, and that they feel more pressure to sign the dotted line if more buyers are in the showroom. What’s the deal?

Need Wood? How much is too much semen?

Two questions this week about ejaculate. Oh, the places gay men’s minds go: If you’re not concerned about a lower volume of semen on one hand, you’re worried about its carb count on the other.

Need Wood? Resolution: Boyfriend by next V-Day

Yet another Valentine’s Day went by with me ordering Chinese takeout and watching “Glee.” I’m determined not to let this happen again, but I’m stumped on how to get a boyfriend.

Need Wood? Saying ‘You suck in the sack’

My boyfriend says I’m not very “erotic.” It stung, but he couldn’t elaborate. What exactly does he mean, how could he have said it without pissing me off, and what can I do about it?

Need Wood? Truth or dare: your sexual past

My new boyfriend has been hinting to find out how many sexual partners I’ve had. I’m hesitant to answer. Do you think I should be honest, avoid the question, or is lying an option?

Need Wood? Going down: safe oral with HIV

You’ve been adamant that man-to-man oral sex will not lead to infection. Well, if you’re so sure about it, answer me this: Would you personally go down on a guy that you knew was HIV positive?

Need Wood? Sweating like a whore in church

"I’m one of those guys who smell down there because I sweat so much. It’s very embarrassing. It doesn’t take much to soak my shirt. Any advice for people like me on controlling this issue?"

Need Wood? The Golden Rules of texting

Whenever I meet somebody new, I get all anxious about the first few texts. My mind goes blank, and I end up writing some genius thing like, “Nice meeting you last night,” or “How are you?”

Need Wood? The trouble with ‘top’ and ‘bottom’

“I’m talkative, opinionated and loud, but people think I’m a bossy bottom instead of a raging top. I saw a list about how tops should act. Do you think I should take the advice?”

Need Wood? Get more online profile attention

“I haven’t gotten laid since I got online. Why does my roommate have so much better luck online than I do? Is it my profile? Are there profile ‘musts’ that I don’t know about?”