Need Wood

Need Wood? Master the art of body language

Reading his silent signals and making sure you’re sending the right messages yourself is simple if you know the secret handshake – and these other tips on gay male body language.

Need Wood? Dieting your way to better sex

Papa likes to eat! And not always healthy stuff. Can diet affect sexual performance? If your body is a cholesterol storehouse, beware your stamina and stiffy, but forget miracle foods.

Need Wood? Man-odor versus ‘Man! Odor!’

It’s big; it’s beautiful; and you love it. Trouble is, the boyfriend doesn’t keep it clean. What to do when you’re headed downtown like an express train only to be stopped by the fumes.

Need Wood? Why am I like nice-guy repellant?

If you’re attracting jerks like a magnet, and the good ones don’t stick around, reverse that dynamic by asking a few tough questions, answering them honestly and adjusting your approach.

Need Wood? Come on, talk dirty to me

At a loss for what to say when your partner wants you to talk dirty in bed? Doing so just makes you giggle? You’ll do it and you’ll love it, you dirty little sex fiend, with a few tips to get you started.

Need Wood? When, where and how you want it

He wants to know your sexual fantasies, and you think you don’t have any. You feel put on the spot, but change the way you ask the question, and ideas will start popping up for both of you.

Need Wood? Oops! She married a gay guy

She saw all the signs and ignored them. Now he takes advantage to soothe his religious guilt and play on hers. A little Simon and a little JLo on how to stop playing the victim.

Need Wood? A whole new Daddy Complex

Having sex in your parents' house gets you going, but the boyfriend? Not so much. Freeing his inhibitions might be easier with a few tips on how not to get caught in the parent trap.

Need Wood? The raw truth barebacking debate

If friends, even doctors, tell you that tops who bareback are at as much risk of HIV as guys giving unprotected oral sex, you need to switch doctors and get new friends. Setting the record straight.

Need Wood? Body image keeps sex in the dark

So your boyfriend has put on a little weight. You actually love it, but now he won’t do anything in bed unless it’s in the dark. Here’s how you can help increase his body confidence.

Need Wood? Friend acts like he’s my boyfriend

Have friends that stand too close, touch too much and generally spoil your guy-getting mojo? Here are a few tips to help you quash the behavior without squashing the friendship.

Need Wood? Oops. Gay sex with a married man

So you had a six-pack gay indiscretion with your friend who happens to have a wife and kids. She’s your good friend, too, but you can’t get your mind off how hot it was. Now what?

Need Wood? I just can’t come with a partner

We hear a lot about finishing too soon, but what if the issue is delayed–or no–ejaculatory response when with a partner? How to deal with some of the psychological issues that can cause it.

Need Wood? To-do list for aspiring great lovers

So you’re newly out and trying to gain some much-needed skills in the sack. No one was born knowing what to do, so here are a few tips from an old pro on what to get good at.

Need Wood: Daddies are bored but horny

Men who’ve been together with kids in the house for years may need to jump-start that pre-children passion. Here are a few tips for any couple that has let the steam run out of their sexual kettle.

Need Wood? Pleasure yourself with sex quizzes

Sex advice doesn’t always have to be about getting and having sex. Take these four fun sex tests to see if you’re promiscuous, inappropriate, dirty-minded or cray-cray when it comes to sex.

Need Wood? He thinks porn is foreplay; I don’t

When the boyfriend has to cue up porn before sex and it turns you off, it kinda defeats the purpose. How to wrench away the remote, communicate toward better sex and have fun in the process.

Need Wood? There’s no sex like make-up sex

When the most mind-blowing sex is only possible if you’re fighting mad, there’s something wrong. Suggestions to raise your blood pressure and adrenaline without raising hell.

Need Wood? Skanky whore vs. sex addict

So you love sex and do something about it every chance you get. Are you a sex addict? Frequent encounters aren't the measure. Here’s how to tell if you’re having sex or if sex is having you.

Need Wood? Butt plugs: Not just pain in the ass

So you’re intrigued by the idea of butt plugs and want to investigate. What exactly are they for? Is there a proper and safe way to use them? Can you leave them in too long? All is revealed.