Gonorrhea treatment showing signs of failing

Federal health officials warned of new signs that gonorrhea is growing resistant to current treatments, a development more troubling for gay men who face a higher risk of the sexually transmitted disease.

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Half of these gay men will get HIV in their lifetime

Gay black and Latin men are at strikingly higher risk to be diagnosed with HIV than white men who have sex with men, part of a sobering reality of how the virus impacts gay men based on race.

Black gay men with HIV receive less medical care

Black gay men with HIV are less likely than whites and Hispanics to receive consistent care, which would keep them healthier and less likely to infect others with the virus.

Non-profits get $1.4 million to fight HIV in South

Combatting HIV in the South faces steep odds. The death rate is higher and fewer people know their status. But an advocacy group just dished out $1.4 million to challenge HIV across the region.

What did guys get stuck in their rectums last year?

Left to our own devices, it seems guys will stick just about any object in their rectum for pleasure, to hide it from police or to attempt a home remedy for constipation. And leave it there. Sometimes for days.

HIV is on the decline – if you’re gay and white

A 10-year look at HIV diagnoses shows that HIV has seen dramatic declines, even among some gay men. Yet for gay men, the success of beating back HIV varies greatly based on race and ethnicity.

Activists blast HIV criminalization laws as failure

A panel of health experts blasted HIV criminalization laws as a failure, criticizing the statues for adding stigma to HIV, keeping people from getting tested, and oppressing already marginalized populations.

Religious colleges win waivers to be anti-LGBT

Three-dozen religious colleges – in Georgia, the Carolinas, Texas and across the South – have asked for waivers from the federal government's Title IX protections so they can discriminate against LGBT students.

Ted Cruz vows all-out assault on gay marriage

Texas senator and president candidate Ted Cruz, served softball questions from anti-gay activists, smacked a home run with a diatribe against gay marriage and called it a 'threat to our democracy.'

Here’s why straight women flock to gay men

Fruit flies. Fag hags. Besties. Call them what you will, straight women bonding with gay men is nothing new. What’s new is a study that suggests mating competition is behind the phenomenon.

This new PrEP ad leaves slut-shaming behind

Finally, a sex-positive HIV prevention ad that battles the slut-shaming often faced by – and let’s be honest, sometimes perpetuated by – gay and bi men who have sex with men (MSM).

5,000 Grindr guys spill the tea on PrEP

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of sexually active gay men who gets busy via Grindr, listen up. Even if you’re not, a new study by the app with an assist from the CDC is still worth a look.

Your chances for STDs besides HIV just went up

Even if you have a handle on HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases just as dangerous are on dramatic rise among gay men – so much that we single handedly spiked infection rates for the first time in a decade.

Erick Erickson: trans people ‘mentally ill perverts’

WSB host and Fox pundit Erick Erickson sometimes serves his anti-gay rhetoric with creativity. But with his most recent rant against transgenders, he sinks to a new mean-spirited and nasty low.

800,000 LGBTs made coming out on Facebook oh-so 2015

When the books close on 2015, strides in LGBT equality are part of the story. Now Facebook releases numbers that show it’s also a banner year for coming out.

Most gay men didn’t use condoms last night

If you were one of the gay men having sex last night – or last week, or last month – a new study says chances are that you skipped instead of slipped on a condom before delivering the sausage.

Strip down and sex up these gay Halloween costumes

Don’t tell us you’re without a costume for the big night. When the All Hallow’s Eve moon rises on Saturday, gay boys in a pinch for ideas know that it’s time to whip out that smokin’ body and flaunt it.

Why aren’t younger gay guys even getting tested?

The proverbial foibles of youth can’t wave off a new study that finds HIV prevention messages falling short of reaching gay teens and young men, most of whom have never tested for the virus.

Gay Instagram stages #SouthernDecadence takeover

People toss around words like “legendary” pretty lightly, but some events live up to the name and the hype. When gay throngs descend on New Orleans each Labor Day, there’s only one Southern Decadence.