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Weird Science 4: Atlanta back in ‘Gayest Cities’

There are lots of ways to calculate and accurately determine that Atlanta is indeed among the Gayest Cities in America. But for the fourth year, the Advocate has no idea what methods those might be.

Fenuxe scrubs gay bar jab from Pride issue

Fenuxe magazine tried to walk back a takedown of Atlanta gay bars by pulling the piece from some print issues but stopping short of apologizing for calling the bars a “disgusting” heap of shit.

Gay Atlanta dads, kids get national spotlight

Loved and supported in “very conservative Republican area” in Atlanta’s ‘burbs isn’t just wishful thinking. Ed and Joe Stevens live the dream and decided to share their story with the world.

11Alive finds a gay to explain Anderson Cooper

You know Anderson Cooper is gay, right? Really. The CNN anchor is also a favorite topic of mine on Project Q, so I gayly jumped at the chance to talk about his coming out when 11Alive called on Monday.

Atlanta among CNN ‘best’ underwhelming Prides

There’s a lot for Atlanta gays to be proud of, Atlanta Pride is one of them, and the world should take note. But there’s a hidden gotcha in CNN’s "Best picks around the world celebrating Pride."

AJC’s Mike Luckovich nails gay marriage ‘threat’

With a Pulitzer prize and a reputation for entertaining while making a point, Atlanta Journal-Constitution political cartoonist Mike Luckovich delivers a dead-on shot at the real gay “threat.”

Some old guy, Project Q debate marriage in AJC

Gay marriage has been a bit of a thing recently. It’s all the rage among the gays and leaves you raging if you’re one of those blah-blah “traditional marriage” types. Now the AJC weighs in.

Which gay glossy is Atlanta’s nipple queen?

Oh summer, how do we love thee? Guys, skimpy swimsuits, abs and nipples. Lots of nipples. Atlanta’s gay glossies offer up their summer swimsuit editions, but which one gives us the most nipples?

Rank and file: ATL 16th ‘Most Lesbianish City’

Those “Gayest Cities in America” lists like the Advocate and Gay Cities did indeed beg the question, as AutoStraddle recently asked, “What about the Most Lesbionic Cities?” Yup, Atlanta made the list.

Vote Don Lemon, Sonia Leigh into ‘Lust List’

Two of gay Atlanta’s claims to sexy celebrity fame, Don Lemon and Sonia Leigh, are up for Creative Loafing’s Hottest Atlanta Celebrities in online races for the annual Lust List.

Ignore Atlanta’s No. 9 ‘Gayest Cities’ ranking

It’s bad enough that the Advocate’s annual Gayest Cities in America doesn’t even try to be semi-scientific. It’s worse that the magazine gets its facts so wrong.

NY Times shouts out to gay-owned ATL haunts

In a travel feature, the grande dame of newspapers itself took a quick-shot look at Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward including Grant Henry’s Church and Stacey Eames’ Highland Bakery.

Creative Loafing’s got a beef with lesbian foodie

Atlanta-based lesbian foodie, hurricane chaser and New York Times bureau chief Kim Severson is no stranger to critics of her work. But now she’s facing some friendly fire from Creative Loafing.

Former David magazine top executive arrested

A former top executive with David magazine often at the center of controversy was arrested Thursday and remains in the Fulton County Jail on at least one criminal charge.

Is Don Lemon too good for CNN? [video]

Leave it to Jon Stewart's “The Daily Show” to notice a trend and milk it. Last week, the show hilariously compiled clips of out anchor Don Lemon openly dissing gap-filling schlock on his network.

Is Michele Bachmann really a ‘hateful bitch’?

Of the wing nut Republicans slugging it out for the GOP presidential nomination, none deserve a good gay glitter bomb more than Michele Bachmann. But is she a hateful bitch?

Dick Yarbrough offers anti-gay, hoop skirt screed

There he goes again. Cranky conservative Dick Yarbrough is spewing anti-gay punditry, this time comparing gays to people who cruise the state in hoop skirts.

Where David magazine goes, trouble follows

This is all too familiar: The publishers of David face staff revolts and accusations of mismanagement. The boss fires back. What’s new? The drama is unfolding inside the magazine’s Florida operation.

David Gest? Not gay. The Loaf says so. Sort of.

Atlanta-based sex guru Mike Alvear ruffles feathers. David Gest, Liza’s ex, fends off speculation he’s gay with veracity second only to Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Mix the two and it gets combustible.

Loaf admits to ‘sexual preference’ indiscretion

On Wednesday, we tweaked Creative Loafing for their “sexual preference” indiscretion. A day later, our gay-loving friends at the alt-weekly responded with an admission: They were inadvertently insensitive.