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Feds sentence Atlanta men in gay hate crime

Two men who beat a gay Atlanta man while yelling gay slurs during the attack were sentenced on Wednesday, weeks after they became the first in Georgia convicted under a federal hate crime law.

Two Atlanta men plead guilty to gay hate crime

Two men who attacked a gay Atlanta man while yelling gay slurs pleaded guilty on Thursday to a federal hate crime charge, becoming the first convictions in Georgia under the federal law.

‘Ultimate bullies’ get 5 years for anti-gay beating

Men who attacked a gay Atlanta man while yelling gay slurs received a stiff prison sentence on Friday, despite efforts by attorneys to invoke a gay panic defense and dismiss the attack as a fight.

State reps duel for attention in gay beating case

The race of two Georgia lawmakers fighting for re-election turned into a distracting sideshow on Thursday during the sentencing hearing of three men who beat a gay Atlanta man.

Attacker says sorry, but adds ‘I barely hit him’

One of three men facing up to 75 years in prison for beating an Atlanta gay man apologized during a sometimes-contentious court hearing Thursday that included gay activists asking for leniency.

3rd man pleads guilty in Atlanta anti-gay beating

The man who threw the first punch in the anti-gay gang beating of a man in southwest Atlanta pleaded guilty in the case during a hearing in a Fulton County courtroom on Thursday.

Hate crime charge next in Atlanta gay beating?

As his client stumbled through pleading guilty to beating a gay man, attorney Jay Abt was talking to say that the U.S. Attorney is about to bitch slap his client with a federal hate crime charge.

Two plead guilty in anti-gay beating in Atlanta

Two men pleaded guilty on Tuesday to attacking a gay man in southwest Atlanta, yelling anti-gay slurs at him and recording the attack that prosecutors called a hate crime.

Trial opens Tuesday in Brandon White beating

So much for the wheels of justice grinding slowly: The men accused of beating a gay Atlanta man and posting video of the attack online will face trial on Tuesday in Fulton County Superior Court.

Brandon White: My critics have it wrong [video]

Brandon White on Monday fired back at critics who continue to question his “character and judgment” since the gay man was attacked and beaten outside a southwest Atlanta grocery store.

3 of 4 accused in anti-gay beating remain jailed

A Fulton judge refused to set bond on Monday for Christopher Cain, one of four men accused of beating a gay Atlanta man in an attack that gained national attention thanks to a video the accused made of it.

A second apology of sorts in Atlanta gay beating

Two of the men who called an Atlanta gay beating victim a liar and cozied up with an attorney for one of the suspects are now scampering away from their accusations.

Fourth suspect sought in anti-gay Atlanta beating

The arrests of three men in the Feb. 4 beating of a gay Atlanta man wasn’t the end: A Fulton County grand injury indicted a fourth man for his alleged role in the attack.

Brandon White: From gay bash to merchandising

From an unknown 20-year-old to a national face of anti-gay violence to spokesperson for an anti-violence campaign with tote bags, caps and t-shirts for sale, it’s been a crazy ride for Brandon White.

CBS affiliate’s new game: Blame the Gay Victim

Douchebag attorney Jay Abt must be pretty proud of himself. He suckered LGBT activists into buying his pitch that a gay man provoked his own beating. Now, he’s got a CBS affiliate drinking his Kool-Aid.

‘Mistakes made’ in gay attack on gay beating vic

Activist whiplash sufferer Devin Barrington-Ward, sensing that his Change Atlanta jumped the shark in attacking a gay man who was beaten days after they supported him, is now eating crow.

Did gay beating victim taunt attackers? [video]

A gay group that initially supported a gay Atlanta man who was beaten is now cozying up to the attorney of a suspect and alleging that the victim taunted his attackers before the incident.

Third suspect in Atlanta gay beating surrenders

The third suspect in the beating of an Atlanta gay man surrendered to police late Wednesday, just hours after the FBI publicly identified him and said he was on the run in Pennsylvania.

FBI: Atlanta gay beating suspect in Penn.

The third suspect in the beating of an Atlanta gay man may be hiding in Pennsylvania and now faces an arrest warrant for his alleged role in the assault that was recorded and posted online.

Meet the attorney for suspect in gay Atlanta beating

When Dorian Moragne did his perp walk into Atlanta police headquarters on Friday, he had in tow criminal defense attorney Jay Abt. If you didn’t already suspect Moragne was a douchebag, Abt will help.