Pro-HERO ad shuts down trans bathroom myth

Days after opponents of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance began airing a disgusting transphobic advertising spot, the coalition supporting HERO responded Friday with its own radio ad.

Court throws out ballot language for HERO vote

Don't tell Mayor Annise Parker this. But Andy Taylor – the anti-gay attorney for HERO opponents – told her so. And the Texas Supreme Court agrees. Again.

HERO ballot fight could cost at least $2 million

The November ballot fight over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance may cost $2 million, likely making it one of the most expensive battles over local LGBT protections in U.S. history.

City Council affirms HERO, sends it to voters

Fourteen months after first approving the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, city council members voted 12-5 Wednesday to affirm the ordinance and then put it before voters in November.

Supporters urge city to save HERO, force vote

Tensions over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance flared on Tuesday as dozens of supporters urged the City Council to put the ordinance before voters in November.

Parker blasts new HERO lawsuit as political stunt

Mayor Annise Parker slammed a new lawsuit from HERO opponents, who took their victory lap through the courts just days after a decision forcing the ordinance to be repealed or put to a public vote.

HERO supporters tell Council to save ordinance

Days after the Texas Supreme Court ordered the City Council to repeal HERO or place it on the ballot, supporters rallied at a Council meeting and a judge dealt another blow to LGBT equality efforts in the city.

Texas Supreme Court: Repeal HERO or put to public vote

The Texas Supreme Court ordered the Houston City Council on Friday to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance or place it on the November ballot.

HERO opponent tries again to derail ordinance

Anti-gay activist Dave Wilson trolled City Hall again on Thursday, trying a second time to force a public vote over Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance.

Anti-gay activists appeal to undo HERO victory

Opponents of the city's LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance appealed on Thursday, asking an appellate court to set aside a recent ruling that allowed HERO to go into effect.

HERO win in court puts ordinance into effect

Mayor Annise Parker celebrated a court victory that threw out a petition seeking to put the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance to a public vote, bringing a brief end to the fight over the anti-discrimination measure.

Parker: We’ll get HERO win in ‘court or ballot box’

Mayor Annise Parker defended the city's LGBT-inclusive Equal Rights Ordinance and promised victory in court or at the ballot box as the measure awaits a pivotal court decision this week.

Hand tremors could decide fate of HERO

The future of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance – whether it will be sent to a public vote or finally enacted – rests with a few thousand signatures gathered by elderly people with shaky hands.

Parker: I’ll win on HERO before leaving office

Mayor Annise Parker wants to check off one last item on her mayoral bucket list before she leaves office: Winning in court so she can put in place Houston's non-discrimination ordinance.

City claims HERO win despite mixed verdict

After six days of deliberations, the jury in the trial over Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance delivered a mixed verdict on Friday likely meaning the court case will eventually be appealed.

Emotional closing arguments put HERO in jury’s hands

After two weeks of testimony and more than a year of controversy, the future of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance is in the hands of a jury to decide if opponents gathered enough valid signatures to repeal it.

Mayor Annise Parker takes stand in HERO trial

Mayor Annise Parker took the stand Monday in the trial over Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance and took heat from HERO opposition to her testimony – heat she turned right back on them.

HERO opponents try to bar gay jurors in trial

Opponents of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance sought to keep LGBT people off the jury that's hearing their lawsuit aimed at repealing the measure as the trial over the measure opened this week.

Texas senator wants to unravel LGBT protections

A anti-gay Republican state senator from Dallas has filed a bill that would prohibit cities from passing or enforcing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances.

HERO trial could deliver big win before it starts

A jury trial in the lawsuit aimed at repealing HERO was slated to begin this week, but first a judge must rule on several motions, including one that could put an end to the trial before it begins.