Annise Parker to show Dems how to do gay stuff

Annise Parker, out of Houston's City Hall for the first time in 18 years, isn't content to just navigate snowstorms and stay in school. Now she will chair an LGBT panel for national Democrats.

Turner pushes pause, new HERO unlikely in 2016

LGBT activists and progressive supporters of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance are anxious to plot a strategy for reviving the failed ordinance, but Mayor Sylvester Turner said not so fast.

New mayor wants Houston to ’embrace diversity’

Longtime state lawmaker Sylvester Turner delivered his first inaugural address on Monday, two days after becoming Houston's 62nd mayor, promising to build a better city that embraces its diversity.

Parker defends HERO, ponders future: I’ll be back

Mayor Annise Parker did not back away from HERO during an online chat, defending the non-discrimination ordinance and arguing that what made her a successful mayor could help her in another elected office.

Turner wins mayor’s race, HERO likely biggest loser

Houston voters elected a progressive as mayor and returned a gay incumbent to City Council on Saturday, but don't expect them to revisit the city's failed non-discrimination ordinance anytime soon.

Parker: HERO was doomed to lose public vote

Mayor Annise Parker said despite a $3 million campaign to defend it, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was doomed to fail in the voting both over politics and fear that knocked supporters off-stride.

Houston anti-gay activists rally against trans child

Two employees at a Houston area daycare say they are planning a federal lawsuit, claiming their rights were violated when they were fired for refusing to accept the transgender child of a gay couple.

Turner courts HERO backers, LGBT voters for runoff

Longtime state lawmaker Sylvester Turner, an LGBT ally, finished first in the Houston mayor's race on Tuesday and made a clear pitch to convince LGBT voters disgruntled over HERO's defeat to pick him in the December runoff.

‘Ugly wad of lies’ helps soundly defeat HERO

Voters easily repealed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance on Tuesday, flushing HERO with a fear mongering anti-LGBT campaign that won out despite being outspent by supporters.

Gov. Greg Abbott fear mongers to blast HERO

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, sensing that maybe someone isn't clear on his anti-gay creds, jumped into the last-minute HERO fray on Monday to urge voters to ditch the non-discrimination ordinance.

Hillary Clinton endorses HERO as vote nears

In the battle to save Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance, there are celebrity endorsements. And then there's Hillary Clinton, the Democratic powerhouse.

Sheriff opposes ‘confusing and divisive’ HERO

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman opposes HERO, calling Houston's equal rights ordinance 'confusing and divisive' while lending his name to anti-LGBT opposition efforts that dub it the 'bathroom ordinance.'

HERO backers tap star power to save ordinance

It all started with Beyonce. And it's ending with Sally Field, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julian Castro. In the closing days of the battle to save HERO, supporters are hoping a little star power helps.

Mayor Parker pledges $50,000 to save HERO

Mayor Annise Parker, bolstering efforts to save her signature HERO, offered to match up to $50,000 in donations supporting the city's equal rights ordinance over the next four days.

HERO ad shows diversity of people it protects

Supporters of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance unveiled a new TV ad on Monday, the latest in a multi-million dollar fight to convince voters to keep the city's non-discrimination ordinance in place.

Bob McNair wants his anti-HERO money back

Fickle billionaire and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair, blistered for donating to $10,000 to HERO opponents, now wants his cash back, though he still doesn't support the non-discrimination ordinance.

Dan Patrick unleashes attack on mayor, HERO

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, never shy about his anti-gay beliefs, stepped into the debate over HERO by blasting Mayor Annise Parker and dropping $70,000 on a nasty ad against the non-discrimination ordinance.

HRC Houston grabs its balls and bowls for HERO

HRC Houston swapped its black-tie outfits for multi-colored shoes and costumes on Sunday and took to the lanes of Palace Bowling to cocktail, bowl and call attention to HERO.

HERO supporters rally, hit the streets for support

HERO supporters rallied on Saturday morning before they hit the streets and canvassed for voters to back the city's embattled LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.

HERO backers trounce opponents in fundraising

If dollars were votes, HERO would be a winner on Nov. 3 as supporters of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance raised $1.26 million in seven weeks – more than twice that of opponents.