Found on Grindr: Desperately seeking three-way

A new trend on Grindr is couples looking for a third. Grindr isn't just for cheaters and married men anymore. A plethora of horny gay couples are logging on seeking meat for their man-wich.

Found on Grindr: Should I stay or should I go?

My Grindr subscription is expiring and I’ve been deliberating whether or not to renew. Has it gotten me laid? Maybe. Has it found me love? Um, no. Has it kept me entertained? Hell, yes.

Found on Grindr: How not to hit on someone

Some say that first impressions are the only impression. They’ll always be remembered. It’s important to smile, wear deodorant and be polite. Except, of course, in the anything-goes world of Grindr.

Found On Grindr: Creepy, funny and random

When author Totally Tyler hit Mixx Atlanta with Brushstrokes last month on his book tour, he also screened a hilarious slideshow of real Grindr finds, and we asked him to share it with you.

Grindr your way to Monroe Place at own risk

Atlanta police may not be so good at keeping the gays safe in bars, but they are working to nip a recent car break-in bonanza that threatens our autos. Two arrests early Tuesday might just help.