This Grindr guy wants his tools under your hood

Getting dirty on Grindr doesn't take long. A little grit on a guy can help seal the deal. And this gay who's good with his hands wants to put his big tools to work for you. Maybe not in the way you might like best.

The 17 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

From hairy muscled goodness to toned and trimmed, Grindr guys come in all shapes of rippedness and for that we give thanks. And gay Atlanta guys keep offering up irresistible batches of ablicious mancandy.

The 15 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

Picking the perfect chests on Grindr is arduous work. But since we provided our picks for the 18 best Atlanta chests, you've asked for more. So we toughed it out to find you more torsos.

LGBT refugees may cockblock your Grindr

Grindr is all about viral marketing. Selling your chest as gay Atlanta's best. Even pitching a meaty culinary three-way. But do guys quenching their thirst really want to think about LGBT refugees?

Why these guys come out as HIV-poz on Grindr

What happens when guys on Grindr come out as HIV-positive? They get a range of reactions from thirsty fellow cock hounds. Curiosity to anger to paranoia.

The 18 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

Guys on Grindr love to complain about profiles without face pics. But really, who doesn’t enjoy admiring a torso full of muscles and abs and all the man candy goodness that the cruising app can offer?

Meet the two hot new Grindr Guy winners

The gay sex hounds, jocks and other beefcake vying to become the first Grindr Guy spokes model generated a lot of interest. These are the two gay studs who came out on top.

The danger that Grindr bad boy is serving could be very real

Dirty boy for dirty fun. He might sound just right for right now when browsing Grindr. But before you click on that thumbnail to chat him up, that guy serving you bad boy realness may carry a much more real risk.

This scrappy Grindr gay likes to fight with cops

Be ready for a fight, and maybe some meth, if you hook up with this Atlanta guy on Grindr. Too bad he doesn't list his arrest record in his profile. He's packing eight. Arrests, that is.

19 boys with the goods to be the new Grindr Guy

Before you start voting rabidly and checking back daily to see the abs-olutely gorgeous studs, whet your appetite with our picks from the sexy gays vying to become Grindr’s spokes torso.

Artsy Atlanta gay spreads his ‘Trash’ on Grindr

Getting trashy on Grindr doesn't take long. Want to prison rape me? But this artsy queer takes his open relationship to the next level with some viral marketing. On Grindr.

10 things I hate about Grindr (and maybe also you)

I’m a hateful person. Maybe I should write about things I love. But where’s the schadenfreude in that? Also I hit 16 before I could stop, and I’m not changing the title now.

Gay Atlanta ruggers seek ‘good times’ on Grindr

Looking for some athletic friends for a little play and good times? So are the rugby jocks of the Atlanta Bucks, who want to 'hang out' with you. On Grindr.

Grindr helps Midtown waiter serve your needs

Meaty joint Cowtippers doesn't enjoy the Sunday Funday patio following of its sibling Joe's. So a gay waiter is taking their matters (and meat) into his own hands with some viral marketing. On Grindr.

ATL cops want to make Grindr better (and safer)

Of all the tips on using Grindr and other gay cruising apps, there is a cardinal rule: Don't get killed. Or robbed. Atlanta cops will walk you through others during Thursday's informal Bearbucks chat.

‘Wanna prison rape me?’ and other Grindr no-nos

More than one million Grindr users log on to the cruise app every day and spend about 90 minutes looking for that quick fix. Or "friends." Yet many of them still don't grasp proper Grindr etiquette. So let’s review the basics.

Uncle Poodle looking to get laid on Grindr

Gay redneck and food fight instigator Uncle Poodle is showing off his junk and playing up his ties to "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" as he cruises other Georgia men for sex on Grindr.

Grindr users trick and vote. Or vote and trick.

Leave it to the gays to multitask: Hitting the voter booth on Tuesday before (or after) hitting their trick found on Grindr. But some self-loathing queens hated themselves enough to vote for Romney.

Found on Grindr: Dos, Don’ts and love quests

When Rihanna sang, “We found love in a hopeless place,” she was singing about Grindr. Yes, it draws voyeurs and horny gays, but it also attracts guys who, deny it or not, are looking for love.