Grindr taps gay Atlanta couple to give each other quarantine haircuts

Grindr reached into Atlanta last week to tap male couples attempting to tame each other’s quarantine hair. The results are sometimes heartwarming and often hilarious.

5,000 Grindr guys spill the tea on PrEP

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of sexually active gay men who gets busy via Grindr, listen up. Even if you’re not, a new study by the app with an assist from the CDC is still worth a look.

AIDS agency calls Grindr a diseased ‘digital bathhouse’

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation – the combative agency that 'joined forces' with AID Atlanta this summer – is sparking controversy by blaming Grindr and other sex apps for a rise in STDs with new roadside billboards.

TomorrowWorld gets flooded with Grindr hotties

And you thought Tomorrowworld was about the music. As thirsty hotties pour into Atlanta for the weekend festival, they light up Grindr with requests for hookups, friendships and much more.

Guys fess up about long, hot summers on Grindr

Grindr gays are so much more than their profiles, and they’re into so many more things than just the hookups they meet there. Right? To prove it, 2,500 users fessed up about their Grindr habits.

Gay Houston man busted for robbing Grindr trick

Beware a scorned Grindr trick. That's the lesson a gay Houston man learned on Wednesday when his bestie, Houston police and his alleged victim conspired to bust him for a robbery a week earlier.

Georgia school chief loses job over Grindr

The married middle Georgia school superintendent who came out as gay after his Grindr photos were sent to media outlets is now out of a job.

More young, poz and Grindr guys go bareback

Your gay sex habits have been under the microscope at Emory University. Now data is starting to surface from major oversharing that sheds light on sexytime fun of the same-sex variety.

10 Grindr college guys scorch up Spring Break

Spring has sprung with its welcoming the takeover of shorts and tank tops – or less. We’re already thinking even warmer climes in even less clothing. Now Grindr makes our Spring Break fantasies come true.

You can help this Grindr movie come to life

If you’re one of those film buffs who rolls his eyes at documentaries, this project might change your mind. How’d you like to see a gay movie about a real-life Grindr hookup? Thought so.

Gay men get slutty with their junk on cruise apps

If you’ve seen somebody’s digital penis on a hookup app, raise your hand. If you’ve sent one or seen one on a friend’s phone, holler. Now a survey of gay men confirms a whopping majority of you have.

School chief comes out after Grindr pics surface

A married school superintendent in middle Georgia came out as gay on Thursday after his purportedly explicit Grindr photos were sent to media outlets.

You’re racist on Grindr and here’s how

Grindr will get you laid. But among all those muscled chests and sexy profiles to swipe through, it takes about a second to find one with "no Asians" or "no blacks." That's racist and here's why.

Grindr founder: don’t let your balls hang out

Love it, hate it, ignore it, or obsess over it, every gay man with awareness of his surroundings has a stance on Grindr. Creator Joel Simkhai adds yet another new take on his hookup app.

Grindr adds trick timer to get you laid quicker

Grindr wants to make it as simple and speedy as ever to get you laid. So they're revamping the app to provide bigger photos and a trick timer so you know exactly how long until you get laid.

Grindr 3 way turns bad for UGA student, jockstrap

A gay Athens couple thirsty for a three way found their 20-year-old trick on Grindr – and a rash of problems that included the police, a jockstrap, a pool of blood and a late-night trip to the hospital.

5 sexy college guys take Grindr back to school

After a nationwide search, Grindr selects prime beef from a sea of gay college guys to welcome its online cruisers back to campus. Meet this year’s men before worrying about getting on next year’s selection committee.

Grindr wants to get you off (and maybe on PrEP)

Grindr is pretty good at getting you laid. It can also get you an STD. So while you scroll through those sexy Grindr chests, makers of the app want you to know they are big fans of PrEP.

The 17 best Atlanta chests on Grindr this week

Outdoors or inside their bathroom, gay Atlanta guys love to snap a selfie and put their torso on Grindr. It's a collection of mancandy worthy of its own Pride parade.

Grindr will get you laid – and maybe an STD

In the sex-on-demand digital age, it’s easier than ever for gay men to find each other for sex. That good thing can quickly turn bad as new numbers reveal more STDs among men that use hookup apps.