Meet LGBTQ-ATL gym owners taking your health to the next level

It’s about this time in January that people start questioning their resolutions. Well, not if these local queer flat bellies have anything to say about it.

Moves to strengthen and stretch for everybody in every body

Whether you work out, run, dance, do yoga or just strictly just couch surf, stay more comfortable in your skin at home with no equipment required.

Learn secrets to this gay Atlanta fitness success

Kayt Wolfe is in the business of building confidence and healthier lives. But first she had to start with her own, launching a fitness journey that took her from overweight smoker to clean-living woman.

How this ‘Rough God’ stays so sexy, beefy and fit

Being a bare-chested "Rough God" comes with expectations. But faced with the demands of school and travel, gay Atlanta guy Chad Wick struggles with time for fitness. Somehow, he finds beefy success.

How this Atlanta trainer stays so fit and sexy

A career change and a bit of a life crisis turned Atlanta guy Andrew Johnson on to fitness. Now, the muscular 35-year-old is a trainer who's focused on getting you to invest in your health.

How this fitness hottie builds a better body

When you spend your workday mixing with hunky guys showing off plenty of abs, you better bring your fitness A-game. But for Matt Colunga-Smith, it's more than a passion. It's a competition.

How this fitness trainer stays so swimsuit sexy

When you teach others how to get in shape, it doesn't hurt if your approach is like Kai Bell's. The gay Atlanta fitness trainer makes fitness his passion and it shows.

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When you're in the mix to win the Men of David crown and become a certifiable hunk, fitness better be your focus. That's the approach of Gerald Valentine, so we asked how he builds that body.

The secrets to this Atlanta guy’s sexy fitness success

Maybe you spotted him shirtless at that Ready 4 Hope event. With an infectious smile and the muscled body you'd expect from a trainer, Adam Cooper makes quite an impact. So we asked him about his passion for fitness and how he tones up that body.

How this sexy guy builds those bulges and biceps

For gay Atlanta guy Kayin Malik, fitness is a means to an end. He wants to be toned and likes to show off his hard work in the gym. But his end game is much bigger than that.

How this sexy Atlanta guy finds fitness success

Fitness is a means to an end for gay Atlanta guy Jamie Gatlin. So the 37-year-old hits it hard at the gym to build that bulging body. But better yet, he uses fitness to build a healthier life.

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You've already met fitness trainer Jeremy Ryan Allen and most of his sexy parts. But how does this gay Atlanta guy get so pumped and fit? We asked and he told.

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When you teach others how to get fit, you better bring your A-game. And when you jog through gay Atlanta in nothing more than a Speedo, you better look the part. Meet Keith Walker. He does both.

How ‘Atlanta’s Hottest Trainer’ stays so fit

When you're on stage wearing nothing more than a loincloth, staying trim, toned and fit is critical. So gay Atlanta fitness guru and former professional dancer Rick Twombley makes fitness his passion.

The secrets to this Atlanta guy’s bulges and biceps

Blond and muscled, it's hard not to notice when Keith Griffin gyrates atop a box at Blake's, parades shirtless for Atlanta Pride and uses that booty as a billboard. So we asked how he builds a body like that.

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Maybe you've spotted him training someone at the gym. Or showing off his ballet talents on stage. Or muscled in a sexy gay dog pile in Piedmont. But how does Mo Stringer build a body like that?

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When Jason Moattar isn't running the family business, showing off some sexy fashion or hosting a gala fundraiser, how does this gay Atlanta man cut such an athletic figure? By hitting the gym.

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Building confidence is what Kevin DeLoach does, one rep and burpee blast at a time. So we asked this muscled gay Atlanta man to share his fitness secrets.

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Griff King lives and breathes fitness almost as much as Clemson athletics. When he's not doing mud runs and playing kickball, he's helping others get fit. So we asked him to share some fitness tips.

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Andrew Gann lives fitness. When the college jock returned to Atlanta for college, don't think for a minute that he didn't stay focused on his gym time. So we asked him to share his secrets.