Natalie Portman delivers in ‘Black Swan’

For all the talk about girl-on-girl action and backstage ballet drama in the eagerly awaited “Black Swan,” opening in Atlanta Friday, it’s the dark tone of the film that leaves an impression.

Meet Atlanta’s ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race 3’ queens

Once again, Atlanta has two queens of its own to cheer for in Logo's upcoming “RuPaul’s Drag Race 3.” The local contenders are edgy show queen Phoenix and ballroom champ Mariah.

Lesbian cofounder settles lawsuit with Sugarland

Before they were the darling duo of Country music, Sugarland was a trio of Atlanta solo artists. An Atlanta federal judge OK'd a settlement that gives lesbian cofounder Kristen Hall a piece of the action.

Logo’s ‘A-List’ isn’t casting Atlanta, so we are

When we heard that Logo's “The A-List: New York” was branching out to Dallas and Los Angeles, we had two thoughts: "People must be watching it," and "Why aren’t they casting in Atlanta?"

‘Runway’ recap: Personal patterns for tearful TV

Using their lives as inspiration, “Project Runway” designers make it personal. Most get lost, but two find themselves and their mojo. A runway revelation makes for one the most inspiring episodes ever.

‘True Blood’: A fairy by any other name

Sookie blurts out her nature as well as exactly how we feel about this episode in the first line, making the cast's Rolling Stone cover the most exciting thing about "True Blood" this week.

‘True Blood’: Thrill me, kiss me, kill me

After last week’s gore-over-gay episode, gay fans can delight in this week's “True Blood.” Beyond usual flirts, one-liners, eye-candy and quick cutaways, the same-sex sparks really fly.

Super-sized ‘Project Runway’ brings on the gay

Thursday’s premiere of “Project Runway” Season 8 comes just as you thought you were gonna die from withdrawals. In the nick of time, here’s our first look at Team Gay.

‘True Blood’: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

If some audiences are squeamish about how gay “True Blood” is this season, creators even the playing field by prioritizing gore over gay so everybody feels a little queasy.

Atlanta’s gay enough for 2nd Adam Lambert stop

Scores of Adam Lambert fans in Atlanta are about to wet themselves: The gay, glam rocker who likes cheap (female) strippers has added a second concert stop in Hotlanta.

Adam Lambert hits Atlanta for (female) strippers

Glam gay rocker Adam Lambert celebrated the long holiday weekend in Atlanta, staying up really late to party and drop dollar bills on strippers (of the female variety.)

HGTV moves sexy John Gidding to Atlanta

It’s been almost two years since HGTV tried out “Designed to Sell” in Atlanta with the swoon-worthy gay designer John Gidding. Now the host has relocated here for a “Curb Appeal” spin-off.