Drag queens nail ‘Atlanta Housewives’ spoof

What with all of the wigs, drama and gay lingo, it's easy to confuse the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" with drag queens. Now, two drag queens offer up a hilarious parody of the show.

NeNe loves her gays (and strippers) [video]

NeNe Leakes loves her Atlanta gays, their galas and, apparently, hunky strippers who give her a lap dance with enough junk thrusting to make any gay man envious.

Uncle Poodle will so throw food in your face

Georgia’s gay redneck, Uncle Poodle, delivered enough sass and arm twirls during Sunday's “A Very Boo Thanksgiving” to prove a holiday is nothing without a holigay. Watch his gayest moments.

Crunch your abs for this Atlanta casting call

Consider just how much fun this could be: Physically fit young gay and bi Atlanta men all together for a casting call on Tuesday in a Midtown bar. It could be a porn in the making, but it’s not.

Ria Pell’s 11 best moments on ‘Chopped’ [video]

Ria Pell does more than pancakes. To prove her point, the Atlanta chef and dyke of deliciousness took down a church lady, a guy who chases ghosts and some dude who nearly chopped off his finger.

Sharon Needles ready to school Atlanta queens

OK, “Drag Race” fans. No matter how many local queens or other show contestants came before or since, the one you can’t stop talking about is back. And she's ready to judge you, bitches.

Kim Zolciak cheats on her gays with Chick-fil-A

When Kim Zolciak discovered that Chick-fil-A was dissing the gays, she expressed her disgust. But her distaste this summer changed to tasty delight on Sunday during “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Baton Bob’s snappiest courtroom retorts [video]

Drag street performer Baton Bob went to TV court, up against a designer who says Atlanta’s gay Ambassador of Mirth wronged him. She won the case but he won the day with the snappiest quips. Werq!

Chris Crocker booted from gay Georgia film

It may have seemed at first like an interesting casting choice to put drag teen turned porn star Chris Crocker in a movie comedy set and shooting in Georgia, but the director thought better of it.

‘Housewife’ taken for dead ‘Drag Race’ queen

So wrong. Editors at TV Guide ran a photo of former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield with an obituary for deceased “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Sahara Davenport.

Michelle Visage dishes ‘filth’ on way to Atlanta

Before Michelle Visage lets loose on Saturday's Divine Rules search for Atlanta’s “filthiest” queen, the “Drag Race” judge and Ru bestie tells us – quell surprise – what she really thinks.

‘RuPaul’s’ Willam lets Atlanta have it

Actor, scandal monger, "Drag Race" alum and drop-dead beauty Willam Belli checks in on her past, present, future, Chick-fil-A and Swinging Richards as he gets ready to hit Jungle on Wednesday.

The guys of The Six Pack radio do Atlanta

You’re all about a six pack. Whether it’s of the ab-licious variety or your fantasy Joe Sixpack, both are represented in gays of The Six Pack, a big gay radio show that hit Atlanta last week.

Kickstart Tyra Sanchez ‘Drag Dad’ documentary

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Tyra Sanchez isn’t just getting busted, discussing sex and performing since moving to Atlanta. She’s also a dad, the subject of a film that needs your help.

Even 50 Cent is better than Lil Scrappy on gays

Eight years after saying he “ain’t into faggots” and two years after saying he backs gay teen suicide, 50 Cent joins a list of Frank Ocean-supporting rappers better than Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy.

Murs to Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy: I kissed a boy

Los Angeles rapper Murs has a message for Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Lil Scrappy’s toxic homophobia: I kissed a guy and I think I liked it. And he put his gay smooch in a video.

Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy: The closet spreads AIDS

MTV’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” continues making headlines at the expense of LGBT stereotypes as Lil Scrappy fully "supports" gay artists like Frank Ocean coming out – because it deters AIDS.

Channing Tatum takes off in ‘Magic Mike’

It may be the gayest non-gay movie of the season–Channing Tatum and a cast of famous-name hunks taking off their clothes in the stripper drama “Magic Mike," opening Friday in Atlanta theaters.

NeNe Leakes’ NOH8 Pride: Where my gays @?

Cozying into fulltime actress and part-time Angelino while distancing herself from Marlo Hampton’s Faggot-gate, “Real Houswives” star NeNe Leakes hit L.A. Pride with ‘NOH8’ on her lips.

Josh Henderson, Linda Gray dish on ‘Dallas’

Whether it’s to see Linda Gray return as Sue Ellen or for hunks Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe, expect the gays to tune into the new “Dallas” Wednesday. But don’t expect a remake.