Eagle Raid

Iconic gay bar Atlanta Eagle to close, plans new location for 2021

The Atlanta Eagle – one of the city’s oldest LGBTQ bars and the site of a notorious police raid – is closing next month,...

Atlanta police apologizes for homophobic slides

Atlanta police moved quickly to scrub homophobic and anti-trans training materials from instruction given to new recruits in the wake of the objectionable content becoming public.

Atlanta police train with homophobic, anti-trans material

The Atlanta Police Department still teaches its recruits that consensual sodomy is illegal, 'unnatural' and comparable to bestiality, chicken hawks are pedophiles and includes pejorative terms for trans people.

City to pay LGBT cop $140,000 to settle lawsuit

The City of Atlanta will pay a former LGBT liaison for Atlanta police $140,000 to settle a lawsuit in which she claimed she was forced out of the job after complaining about anti-gay remarks aimed at her.

City cited for contempt – again – for Eagle raid

A federal judge found the City of Atlanta in contempt for failing to retrain police officers after a gay bar raid, ordering it on Tuesday to pay nearly $48,000 in attorneys' fees.

City admits it failed to retrain cops after Eagle raid

The City of Atlanta admitted in court that it hadn't closely implemented some reforms to its police department that it had agreed to do in the wake of a botched raid of an Atlanta gay bar nearly six years ago.

Suit: Police ‘flagrantly’ ignore Eagle raid reforms

The attorneys who sued to force changes in the Atlanta Police Department in the wake of a botched gay bar raid now charge that the city isn't complying with court orders mandating those changes.

Atlanta Eagle home sold for ‘future development’

A private investor snatched up the building that houses the Atlanta Eagle and its neighbor with plans to redevelop the parcels, but the new owners also inked a new lease with the longstanding gay bar.

Atlanta cop fired for Eagle raid lies gets job back

A Georgia court ordered Atlanta to rehire Sgt. Willie Adams, one of several police officers fired for lying about their roles in the botched raid of gay Atlanta bar the Eagle.

Kasim Reed spares 55 words for the gays in his inaugural

Mayor Kasim Reed, who can't stop talking about gay marriage, seemed to find a way Monday as he took the oath to start his second term. In fact, he said less in his inaugural address about LGBT issues than he did four years ago.

Ass-playing Eagle cop blames arrest quotas

One of the ass-playing, strip-searching, lying Atlanta cops that raided the Eagle now says that former supervisors forced him to meet arrest quotas and would reward him like a spoiled child for doing so.

Eagle raid documents ridiculously costly to read

The disturbing $1.2 million bill from a private law firm to investigate the Eagle raid shows just how much attorneys bilked the city–and thus, taxpayers–to produce a 343-page report.

Tab for botched Eagle raid nears $2.7 million

It took attorneys billing the city $395 per hour a whole lot of hours to discover what the Eagle raid patrons already knew about their rough-and-tumble treatment: The whole mess was a botched affair.

Atlanta cops want to pre-party with you Saturday

Give Atlanta police some credit. They really do want to hear from LGBT residents. But they still have a few things to learn. A meet-and-greet on Saturday evening of the Easter holigay? Really.

Will this Eagle raid shitstorm go away now?

Three lawsuits, a bunch of Atlanta police misconduct, some reforms and $1.475 million later, Mayor Kasim Reed, the city and its LGBT residents might just be done with the botched Eagle raid.

How the Eagle raid impacted the Blake’s fight

If you think Atlanta police didn’t learn a thing or two from their botched shitstorm of a raid at the Eagle in 2009, just take a look at their response to the Blake’s kerfuffle on Saturday.

Reed says Eagle raid ‘leading to real change’

The sequel to the sequel–Eagle Raid Town Hall 3.0 on Tuesday–provided more than drama. It also signaled a willingness from Mayor Kasim Reed and his gay critics to bring the legal wrangling to an end.

Your survival guide for Eagle Raid Town Hall 3.0

If Damian McGinty’s "Glee" debut won't keep you home, come out to the Eagle raid town hall. It promises an unapologetic mayor, a study in how a city bureaucracy kills police reforms and unhappy activists.

Is Occupy Atlanta Kasim Reed’s new Eagle raid?

Mayor Kasim Reed likes to explain away the Eagle raid by saying it didn’t happen on his watch. How’s he going to explain away Occupy Atlanta, which holds striking parallels to the gay bar raid?