6 LGBTQ comics make the most of queer comedy quarantine

What do you do when gig life dries up? If you’re a queer in comedy, you take your show off the road and do what you gotta do like the rest of us, only funnier.

Out singer Justin Utley sets sights on Georgia’s ‘American Nightmare’

His activism work in Utah helped to ban conversion therapy in the state. Now Justin Utley and his guitar have sights set on Georgia's laws on the practice.

Free condoms to help you get through coronavirus in Atlanta

Magnums. Variety. Non-latex. And even internal. However you Netflix and chill during coronavirus, Positive Impact Health Centers has the perfect accessory: Condoms delivered to your mailbox – for free.

6 decorating and decluttering tips to make your bedroom sexier

The room that you use mostly for sleeping and getting ready takes on extra responsibility when it’s time for sex. Now’s the time to step up to a better boudoir backdrop.

Big Frog launches fundraiser to help LGBTQ businesses

A few months ago, Tom Landrus was looking forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts of Buckhead. Then coronavirus happened.

Six queer kitchen trends when there’s nothing to do but cook and sit

One curve that won’t flatten in the COVID-19 crisis will be the curves on our bodies. We live in trying times, a time of trying recipes in the kitchen.

The Best Queer Things to Do in Quarantine This Week

You sit. You stay. And that goes for your event options. Not so, as a slew of virtual LGBTQ parties, discussions and shows pop up online during quarantine.

20 low- or no- cost redecorating hacks while you’re stuck inside

The same four walls are bringing you down. You're stuck in quarantine, and money is tight. Here's how to freshen up without breaking the bank.

Q mag moves you beyond boredom and into month two of queer-antine

We're hurtling toward a month in isolation. Over-saturation in electronic media led into obsessions with housework, then pure boredom. Let's get busy.

22 every-day ways to play Queer Quarantine Bingo

Remember February? Oblivious to what was coming, jokes flew about the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day where every day is the same. Yeah, about that.

DJ goes virtual to raise funds for Woofs employees

DJ Mister Richard was a regular at LGBTQ nightspots in Atlanta. During the coronavirus pandemic, he's giving back to laid-off service industry employees.

How Georgia’s LGBTQ lawmakers are soldiering through coronavirus

LGBTQ members of the Georgia Legislature are sheltering in place and helping anxious constituents while twin toddlers, a helpful niece and a happy labradoodle join them at their side.

Canton mayor’s sign project gives ‘hope’ amid coronavirus

Canton Mayor Bill Grant plastered the city with lawn signs carrying inspirational messages and salutes to essential workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.

That feeling I hadn’t quite put my finger on: Loss

I’ve been struggling to identify a feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uncertainty, disappointment, sadness, caring and gratitude are there, but not quite it.

LGBTQ Atlanta official gets free meals to non-profits, seniors

Atlanta City Councilmember Antonio Brown launched a free meal program that will feed thousands of homeless people and senior citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.

Q mag rallies LGBTQ power plays with Atlanta on lockdown

From femme empowerment to inner queer strength and the rallying of the entire local community, Q has LGBTQ Atlanta power plays in this week's issue.

Ten to get exterior ‘refresh’ during coronavirus closure

Ten Atlanta is getting a fresh new look on its patio, a new coat of paint for its exterior and a revamped logo as the bar remains closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ten removes signage, social media channels go dark

The signage outside Ten Atlanta is down, and the bar's social media accounts and website are gone, leading to questions about its future.

Stay home, yes even if you’re bored, horny and at ‘low risk’

I heard Midtown is Gay Ground Zero for coronavirus, but all my friends are still cruising and hooking up. How worried should I really be?

Gay blood donation ban eased amid coronavirus crisis

LGBTQ activists in Georgia said the Food & Drug Administration’s easing of restrictions on gay men giving blood is “a step in the right direction” but doesn’t go far enough.