LGBTQ Atlanta bars innovate to survive pandemic

LGBTQ Atlanta bar owners have adopted a wide range of ways to keep patrons and employees safe during the coronavirus pandemic, including limiting capacity,...

Spring awakenings turn to summer renos as ATL eases into reopening

Among thousands knocked for a loop by coronavirus restrictions, Atlanta’s LGBTQ businesses took one on the chin for the safety of their patrons. True...

Sam Roni is ‘2Qute’ to quit over coronavirus or any other obstacle

When Sam Roni moved to Atlanta from Indonesia in 2000, he had $300 to his name, didn’t speak English, and took a job washing...

The best queer virtual and IRL things to do in Atlanta this weekend

In person or online, LGBTQ ATL beckons. Party planners, rally organizers and Zoom mavens have ideas to keep you busy, whether you step out...

Rush Center lays off entire staff, shuts down after 12 years

The Phillip Rush Center abruptly closed on Monday, leaving five employees jobless and clients of the non-profit’s Health Initiative program without its long-running services. The...

Queer Athens commissioner tests positive for coronavirus

Athens-Clarke County Commissioner Mariah Parker tested positive for coronavirus earlier this month after leading a protest for racial justice that attracted thousands.

Helmet emerges from lockdown with new look and outlook

While you were busy scrolling memes about going without haircuts, one of the most popular places to get one refreshed its spaces and put thought into what the new era would look like.

Gay Atlanta church offers free walk-up coronavirus testing

Saint Mark United Methodist Church is doing its part to fight the pandemic by offering free walk-up coronavirus testing for the next two Tuesdays and possibly beyond.

Gay Chamblee elected official tests positive for coronavirus

Chamblee City Councilmember Brian Mock contracted coronavirus earlier this month and said the disease has him “absolutely exhausted” as he recuperates at home.

Bars, nightclubs allowed to reopen – with limited crowds

Gov. Brian Kemp eased coronavirus restrictions further, allowing bars and nightclubs to open as of June 1 with limited capacity and only under 39 mandatory guidelines.

The best queer virtual events to do in quarantine this week

As Atlanta bobs, weaves and otherwise adjusts to changing rules in the COVID era, LGBTQ-ATL brings downtime distractions, now online for your semi-isolated, kinda quarantine pleasure.

LGBTQ chorus gets $40,000 grant to offset coronavirus hit

Voices of Note, stung by a season on hold and a drop in donations amid the coronavirus pandemic, received funds to keep the organization alive to sing another day.

Meet the new director of Georgia Tech’s LGBTQIA Resource Center

Imagine getting a new job in a new city, moving during a pandemic, then arriving to a quarantine that restricts movements, meetings, and doing your job.

Gay business owners plug marijuana to boost post-COVID economy

Johnny Martinez and Brandon Ley have a penchant for weed. In the middle of a pandemic and a cratering economy, they want to share that enthusiasm with all of Georgia.

The best queer virtual events to do in quarantine this week

It may not entirely feel like it, but it’s Memorial Day Weekend. Either way, lockdown online events continue, whether you seek parties, politics or other pandemic pastimes.

The best queer virtual events to do in quarantine this week

Remember Groundhog Day, the holiday and the movie with Bill Murray? Well, it’s Quarantine Day Infinity, and LGBTQ Atlanta soothes your soul with online gatherings.

Gay Atlanta deaf interpreter ‘honored’ to serve during pandemic

The bearded, black-clad constant at Gov. Brian Kemp’s side at press conferences throughout the coronavirus pandemic is LGBTQ Atlanta’s own David Cowan.

T-shirt designer puts new graphics on face masks in the COVID era

Coronavirus hits and everyone scrambles to define themselves in a new era. What’s a queer Atlanta graphic tee designer to do? Create masks, of course.

LGBTQ Atlanta sports leagues cancel tournaments, go virtual

The Hotlanta Softball League and Hotlanta Volleyball Association canceled its annual tournaments, and the 30th Annual Atlanta Pride Run has gone virtual in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kemp keeps bars, nightclubs closed through May

Gov. Brian Kemp ordered bars, nightclubs and live performance venues to remain closed for nearly three more weeks, a move that LGBTQ business owners said they understand, even as they are anxious to reopen.