10 things everyone can do to fight racism in LGBTQ Atlanta

The time is now for everyone to actively end racism. It's not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist. Here’s what we all...

Atlanta artist raises $2.5M for homeless black trans women

Jesse Pratt López never thought her idea to help fellow trans women would get this big, or change the trajectory of lives including her...

Helmet emerges from lockdown with new look and outlook

While you were busy scrolling memes about going without haircuts, one of the most popular places to get one refreshed its spaces and put thought into what the new era would look like.

More LGBTQ Atlanta groups assert #BlackLivesMatter solidarity

As calls for racial justice continue to grow and outcries from an array of LGBTQ efforts increase across the country, three more Atlanta non-profits put their support for Black Lives Matter in writing.

Donations rising for black, queer-owned community space in Atlanta

Southern Fried Queer Pride launched an effort to finance a community center by, for and about LGBTQ communities of color in Atlanta. In three days, they have $16,000 and counting.

Atlanta groups pledge to intersect LGBTQ equality, racial justice

In moving anti-racism treatises issued on Monday, two high-profile Atlanta groups highlighted the racial divide in the LGBTQ movement and listed specific ways they would put intersectionality into action.

Meet the new director of Georgia Tech’s LGBTQIA Resource Center

Imagine getting a new job in a new city, moving during a pandemic, then arriving to a quarantine that restricts movements, meetings, and doing your job.

T-shirt designer puts new graphics on face masks in the COVID era

Coronavirus hits and everyone scrambles to define themselves in a new era. What’s a queer Atlanta graphic tee designer to do? Create masks, of course.

LNDN calling: Musician launches foundation for queer artists

Shining a light on the black, queer experience is part and parcel of the music by local artist LNDN. Now the Atlanta artist has found a way to give back to other creators.

Atlanta essential worker steps up and ‘still standing’ in hard times

When bars and shops became casualties of the pandemic, an LGBTQ Atlanta man lost one of his two jobs. Luckily, his other job gave him a critical role in the crisis.

Gay Atlanta author wins coveted Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

LGBTQ Atlanta's constellation of stars became brighter this week when Emory professor Jericho Brown became the 2020 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Grindr taps gay Atlanta couple to give each other quarantine haircuts

Grindr reached into Atlanta last week to tap male couples attempting to tame each other’s quarantine hair. The results are sometimes heartwarming and often hilarious.

Dozens of LGBTQ Atlanta non-profits need you on #GivingTuesday

We know. You’re a giver. You give and give. But there’s always room for a little more fundraising for worthy LGBTQ causes. This time it’s from the comfort of home.

Atlanta designer offers fashion, safety with Mask4Mask

What does an Atlanta fashion designer and party promoter do when the world turns upside down? If he’s Alfons Dovana, he pinpoints the season’s must-have accessory and runs with it.

Virtual weekend events pushing $20,000 for LGBTQ causes

A trio of big online fundraisers over the weekend packed home screens with talent and filled coffers with cash for various local groups in need caused by coronavirus lockdowns.

Artists, celebs join forces for virtual queer, southern Big Ass Telethon

Queer Appalachia joins Atlanta promoters Wussy and Southern Fried Queer Pride and a ton of out celebrities for an online quarantine fundraiser, show and party.

Meet 11 Atlanta Insta-Qs making the most of lockdown

Queerantine lewks are as diverse as those creating them, throwing them on, stripping them off and snapping them for Instagram. LGBTQ Atlanta works corona craziness

Wussy marks 5th anniversary in its queer ATL revolution

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since Wussy sprouted onto the Atlanta scene with Southern, queer art coffee table books and branded events.

Gamemaster Herb creates video arcades for LGBTQ gaymers

When queer Atlanta gamers are in need of a joystick fix, they can turn to Gamemaster Herb. The queer and polyamorous event promoter pivots to online during coronavirus.

Friends mourn gay Atlanta man killed in car accident

A 27-year-old gay Atlanta property manager is being mourned by friends after he died in a one-car accident in Southwest Alabama early Sunday.