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Bishop Eddie Long accusers writing tell-all novel on sex scandal

Four of the five men who accused anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long of coercing them into sex when they were as young as 16 are writing a novel based on the scandal.

Anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long dies of cancer at 63

Controversial Bishop Eddie Long – who marched against gay marriage and was tainted by a sex scandal with several young men – died Sunday after a battle with cancer. He was 63.

Report: Anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long gravely ill

Anti-gay Bishop Eddie Long, who has tried and failed to put a gay sex scandal behind him, is recovering from 'a health challenge' that has sparked rumors that he's battling cancer or HIV.

Eddie Long tries, fails to put gay sex scandal behind him

Megadaddy manwhore Bishop Eddie Long played victim and blamed everyone but himself for a scandal in which the anti-gay pastor was sued by men who alleged that Long coerced them into sex.

Eddie Long’s Wildchild dishes on sex with pastor

This time, Guy No. 5 Centino Kemp delivers, unleashing his "First Lady" tell all book with lurid details of his alleged sexual romps and relationship with megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long.

Eddie Long’s Guy No. 5 promises tell-all book

Eddie Long's Guy No. 5, Centino Kemp, is again promising a book detailing sexual shenanigans with the anti-gay preacher. But we've been here before only to be left without a happy ending.

Eddie Long’s Wildchild won’t give happy ending

Eddie Long Wildchild Centino Kemp–Guy No. 5 to accuse the anti-gay pastor of some very gay things–teased with salacious tweets that he’ll give away all the goodies in “First Lady.” Now? Not so much.

Eddie Long’s Wildchild just a big tease [video]

Centino Kemp, it’s time for our happy ending. Eddie Long’s Wildchild–Guy No. 5. among the group of men that accused the anti-gay pastor of very gay things–keeps teasing us.

Meet your new King of Queens: Eddie Long

The circus that is Eddie Long never ends. The latest? Our favorite dirty daddy getting anointed king by a Jew and having muscular men carry him around on a throne. There was foreskin, too.

Tour new love nest of Eddie Long’s ‘Wildchild’

Make believe recording artist and short-distance sprinter Centino Kemp, the “Wildchild” of Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long, got paid for being bad and now is taking up residence in a new home.

Eddie Long returns again to mount his followers

Bishop Eddie Long is back, well-rested after what we expect was one of his infamous men-only retreats where the testosterone flows, grown men call him daddy and everyone brings fresh juice.

Eddie Long steps aside as wife quits him twice

Vanessa Long’s on-again, off-again divorce of Bishop Eddie Long is on again, her day-long saga trumped only by the news that her husband is taking a leave from the pulpit at his megachurch.

Eddie Long’s wife: I know how to quit you

Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long’s wife, Vanessa Long, has had enough of her husband’s gay sex shenanigans. On Thursday, she filed for divorce from her scandal-plagued husband.

Eddie Long’s gym to cruise guys cost him $2M

Why do people keep suing Eddie Long? The humble preacher just wants to keep driving his sleek black Bentley, hang out at the gym he owns, and cruise young, attractive men to do his dirty manly things to.

Eddie Long ‘Wildchild’ lashes out at megadaddy

Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long’s "Wildchild" isn’t content with getting paid for being bad, now Centino Kemp is tweeting his disgust over the man he once cared enough about to tattoo his name on his wrist.

Bishop Eddie Long’s titillating leaky excerpts

If a blunt, a BMW and a semiautomatic handgun won’t blur the memories of relations with Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long, how about this: Talk, at length, to a TV news crew and risk your mega-settlement.

Pot won’t blunt Eddie Long memories for accuser

Let’s see if we get this, ahem, straight: Megadaddy Bishop Eddie Long’s Wildchild gets limo rides. Long gets his groove on with Jamal Parris (and others) across the globe. And Parris gets probation?

Eddie Long’s ‘Wildchild’ gets paid for being bad

The latest accuser unearthed in the Bishop Eddie Long gay play sex scandal runs from TV cameras, but he left a trail of bread crumbs hinting at his ties to the case big enough for most anyone to find.

Meet Eddie Long’s new ‘flamboyant’ gay accuser

Oh, snap. There’s a fifth guy claiming Eddie Long as his megadaddy and this one is the most flamboyant of the bunch. A purple hair singing sensation that tattooed his affection on his forearm.

Bishop Eddie Long’s wife stands by her man

Don’t mind the muscle shirts, talk of dirty men and their love juice, or the lawsuits from four young men filled with accusations of gifts and gay love. Vanessa Long is standing by her man, Bishop Eddie Long.