atlanta hunks

Gay Atlanta actor bares all in primetime TV debut

A gay Atlanta journalist and self-described actorepreneur scored his first primetime TV appearance, serving up Hot Guy on TNT and packing a brief scene with every sexy, ablicious second he could.

Is this the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in Georgia?

This brotastic college guy from metro Atlanta is a football loving, gun toting, fitness buff who just happens to be the most swiped guy in Georgia on Tinder. We'd totally right swipe him.

This cute guy got stranded in Atlanta’s airport

Getting stuck in those long security lines at Atlanta's airport during the holidays can be a drag. But if more passengers looked like this scruffy sexy guy, security wait times would be delightful.

Meet the hunks of Halloween 2015

From caped crusaders to muscular warriors, athletic jocks, cowboys and masked men, gays in Atlanta and Houston partied for days to celebrate a sizzling sexy Halloween.

This has to be the best booty on MARTA

MARTA has its hunks, and now the transit provider has its hunks with junk in the trunk. How do we know? This one dropped his pants on Sunday with dozens of his friends to show us.

This hunky driver makes Atlanta traffic better

Getting stuck in Atlanta's nightmarish traffic is the worst. Especially when a traffic accident mucks it up. But if more drivers looked like this scruffy sexy guy, rush hour would be dreamy.

This hot cop is how you get gays to Dunwoody

Dunwoody typically isn't high on the list of places to live for gay Atlanta guys. But with hottie police officers like this, it might just get more desirable.

This hunk is how you get the gays to ride MARTA

MARTA has a bit of a perception problem among the LGBTs. But if they recruited more riders like this blond hunk, the transit service might find itself awash in gay Atlanta passengers.

This shirtless jock made our Pride even better

The flesh fest that is Atlanta Pride packed Piedmont Park with hotties. But this random jogger, shirtless and tucked into form-fitting red shorts, didn't seem to notice. But we definitely noticed him.

Did you see this nipplelicious Pride parade hunk?

Sometimes the Atlanta Pride parade offers hunks with no shirts. And sometimes those hunks touch themselves. This playful pic celebrates one such moment from Sunday's parade.