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Outkast member says he’s a dandy, not a gay

imageOutkast's Andre 3000 admits to dressing well, but not to being gay.
"People feel like, just because you like to dress well ... that don't mean you're gay. I don't know where that came from."

Rachel Maddow an unlikely host for MSNBC?

imageLesbian Rachel Maddow is bringing her liberal take on life to television on a new show debuting this week on MSNBC. And she does so at a time when the cable network is coming under increasing fire for what critics called its politicized coverage of the recent presidential nominating conventions. Maddow, a 35-year-old lesbian and host of a show on Air America, brings with her an usual background for a television host, even one on MSNBC. She's a Rhodes Scholar and AIDS activist who's now working on a book about the role of the military in U.S. politics.

Janet Jackson launches new world tour

imageJanet Jackson will kick off her long-awaited “Rock Witchu Tour” Sept. 10 in Vancouver, her first tour in more than seven years. “This show is for the fans,” she told the Washington Blade, adding that she will perform about 30 tracks during the two-hour show. “It’s a nice mix from ‘Discipline’ and all the other albums.” She noted that the show is focused on dance tracks and that she hopes to give concertgoers an escape from their problems, citing the current state of the economy. “It’s a big show,” she said, “a completely different show. It’s very much upbeat. The kids say it shouldn’t be called the ‘Rock Witchu Tour,’ it should be called the ‘History of Janet Tour.’” As for the vibe and style of the set, Jackson said she’s intrigued by the future so the set design will incorporate futuristic elements. Her costumes will be more elaborate than in the past. So far, 24 North American dates have been announced, but Jackson said that more U.S. dates will be announced soon and that she’s in talks to take the tour all over the world, including possibly Europe, Asia, Australia, Russia and the Middle East. For the full story from the Washington Blade, go here.

Eric Himan takes his voice national

imageEric Himan, who hails from Atlanta, is putting the finishing touches on a national tour this fall to promote "Resonate," the latest release from the gay artist who's been singing his way up the indie music ladder since 2000. The artist, with no shortage of ink covering his muscled frame, is on the verge of making it big. There's more, including Himan's "Little Boy Blue" video, after the jump.

H&M makes for happy gays in ‘burbs

imageGays in metro Atlanta's suburbs will rejoice with this news: H&M is coming to a mall near you. The discount Swedish retailing giant that discerning gay men love opened a store earlier this summer in Atlantic Station. You still can't step inside without swinging a manpurse and hitting a gaggle of gays. Now they are heading to the 'burbs with plans to open in Town Center at Cobb in Kennesaw (Sept. 4) and the Mall of Georgia in Buford (Oct. 9). (Alpharetta has one, too, in North Point Mall.)

‘Noah’s Arc’ makes Atlanta stop

imageThe boys from "Noah's Arc" were in town over the weekend to help celebrate Black Gay Pride and plug their new flick that opens Oct. 24. After two seasons on Logo, the drama is moving to the big screen for "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom" and the enterprise is drawing comparisons to "Sex & the City." Let's hope the the movie finds as much success as the big screen adaptation of Sarah Jessica Parker and hew group of girls. There's more after the jump.

Has Manhunt destroyed our culture?

Most gay men have heard of -- if not clicked their way through -- Manhunt, the ever-popular cruise site. Tens of thousands of men across the globe are online at any given moment, looking to make good on the site's promise of "get on. get off." But new questions are being raised about what the site's popularity might mean for gay culture.

E. Lynn Harris plays to friendly crowd

imageGay author E. Lynn Harris read portions of his novel, "Just Too Good to Be True," to a packed crowd at Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse on Wednesday. The book, billed by Harris as about "football, family and secrets," adds to the author's collection of nine novels and a 2004 memoir. Harris talked with Southern Voice for a profile earlier this month.
“I’m still very, very thankful and dependent on my gay readers. I don’t want them to think for one minute that I have abandoned them,” Harris says, noting that his next book, due out in January 2009, is a “totally gay story” called “Basketball Jones.”
For a gallery of photos from the event, go here.