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‘Evan Hansen,’ ‘Pitch Perfect’ star set to serenade Atlanta

Ben Platt packed some extremely noteworthy roles on stage and screen into his 25 years, and the out actor-singer shows no signs of stopping.

Campy ‘Cruel Intentions’ musical comes to Cobb Energy Centre

It’s been 20 years since the cult-hit teen film “Cruel Intentions” hit the big screen, and now a musical version of the film comes to Atlanta packed with ‘90s hit songs and an expanded gay storyline.

Meet the gay Atlanta dads featured on ‘Wife Swap’

When South Atlanta couple Terrell and Jarius Joseph agreed to be on the rebooted reality TV show 'Wife Swap,' they weren’t expecting to be paired with a religious family with eight kids.

Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer serves ‘No Intermission’

Amanda Palmer might make you cry when she performs in Atlanta, but the out performer, best known as half of the uber-creative Dresden Dolls, is polite enough to bring hankies.

Felix Maritaud goes ‘Sauvage’ exploring life of gay sex worker

The new film Sauvage (“Wild”) quickly becomes a stunning character study. Meet Felix Maritaud, who stars as Leo, a 22-year-old gay hustler in the film opening May 3 in Atlanta.

Theater fans flock to Little Five Points for ‘Angry Fags’

Topher Payne’s sociopolitical potboiler “Angry Fags” is back with Trump Era updates, and Atlanta is here for it.

How Trump Era realities pushed ‘Angry Fags’ over the edge

When Topher Payne’s dark comedy Angry Fags debuted in 2013, its good gays gone bad hit close to home, but it still felt like a stretch. Not any more.

‘Giant Little Ones’ opens with exploration of queer identity

Franky and Ballas are your typical, dreamy, high school students. They’re handsome, big men on campus, best friends since childhood, and popular leaders of the swim team, and they’re about to share an intense sexual experience.

Explore the male form with four artists showing ‘Body & Soul’

Since opening in Kirkwood nearly a decade ago, Bob Burkhardt’s pb&j gallery has featured diverse works by even more diverse artists, but one exhibition each year is especially close to his heart.

‘Men With Money,’ 50s gays without all that bigot baggage

Aurora Theatre opens another big, splashy musical that it’s known for, but the Lawrenceville troupe also does something that it's never done — an LGBTQ-themed production.

Jenn Snyder hits Atlanta with Southern style and blunt comedy

Get ready, Atlanta. Jenn Snyder is a powerhouse comedian tearing up stages all over the country with a bold style and great backstory, and she’s coming to Atlanta this week for a one-nighter.

Atlanta author Timothy Keys debuts ‘I Don’t Want to be That’

Timothy Keys is out with his debut book, an autobiographical look into the world of a black gay man in the South. Keys talks with Q about writing it, what he learned, and who should play him in a movie version.

Art imitates life for gay dance couple visiting Atlanta

Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor are no strangers to social issues or identity politics. Nor are they afraid to include those themes in their compelling work, landing in Atlanta this weekend.

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival launches queer-inclusive lineup

It’s the biggest film festival that Atlanta sees all year, one of the biggest Jewish ones in the world, and known for its broad appeal. The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival opens with compelling LGBTQ-inclusive films.

Prodigal queer returns with Hollywood and Hedwig in tow

It’s was nearly two decades since Chad Darnell lived in Midtown when his feet hit that hallowed soil again in 2018. This week, he kicks off the year as the face of an iconic queer show at Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre.

These artists are already queering 2019 for your year in pop culture

Things to look forward to in the New Year can sometimes feel like a mystery. Luckily, there’s already plenty of queer and queer-created movies, television, music and books in the works for 2019.

Jenna Laurenzo and Out on Film drop ‘Lez Bomb’ on Atlanta

All she wants to do for Thanksgiving is bring her girlfriend home and come out to her parents and family, but matters get sidetracked for the main character in the comedic “Lez Bomb.”

ATL is Burning blends ball culture with a live music dance party

When Southern Fried Queer Pride decides to serve something fresh, count on a creative event. When they join forces with national LGBTQ talents and a huge brand sponsor, it’s a sure bet.

10 signs that LGBTQ rights fights are shifting everyday culture

When the going gets rough, it's empowering to look up from queer battles and headaches to acknowledge both the subtle and blatant changes all around us as signs of the times.

Frenchie Davis coming to Atlanta to fulfill her destiny

Grammy-nominated singer Frenchie Davis is closing in on 20 years in the music business, so she’ll be loaded with songs to belt out when she plays Out Front Theatre on Nov. 7.