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Atlanta Jewish Film Festival launches queer-inclusive lineup

It’s the biggest film festival that Atlanta sees all year, one of the biggest Jewish ones in the world, and known for its broad appeal. The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival opens with compelling LGBTQ-inclusive films.

Prodigal queer returns with Hollywood and Hedwig in tow

It’s was nearly two decades since Chad Darnell lived in Midtown when his feet hit that hallowed soil again in 2018. This week, he kicks off the year as the face of an iconic queer show at Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre.

These artists are already queering 2019 for your year in pop culture

Things to look forward to in the New Year can sometimes feel like a mystery. Luckily, there’s already plenty of queer and queer-created movies, television, music and books in the works for 2019.

Jenna Laurenzo and Out on Film drop ‘Lez Bomb’ on Atlanta

All she wants to do for Thanksgiving is bring her girlfriend home and come out to her parents and family, but matters get sidetracked for the main character in the comedic “Lez Bomb.”

ATL is Burning blends ball culture with a live music dance party

When Southern Fried Queer Pride decides to serve something fresh, count on a creative event. When they join forces with national LGBTQ talents and a huge brand sponsor, it’s a sure bet.

10 signs that LGBTQ rights fights are shifting everyday culture

When the going gets rough, it's empowering to look up from queer battles and headaches to acknowledge both the subtle and blatant changes all around us as signs of the times.

Frenchie Davis coming to Atlanta to fulfill her destiny

Grammy-nominated singer Frenchie Davis is closing in on 20 years in the music business, so she’ll be loaded with songs to belt out when she plays Out Front Theatre on Nov. 7.

Queen’s Freddie Mercury biopic delivers ‘Rhapsody’ realness

Queer icon Freddie Mercury was bold, groundbreaking, revolutionary and beguiling. A movie about his band is a tall order, but 'Bohemian Rhapsody' delivers Queen realness in spades.

Out Front opener explores gay bar massacre 40 years before Pulse

If your queer history doesn’t yet include the 1973 arson attack in New Orleans, let this be your tutorial. If you only know the outcome, let "The View Upstairs" at Out Front Theatre personalize it.

‘Pose’ creator talks pressure and success, teases Season 2

"Pose" co-creator Steven Canals talks about getting inspiration from "Paris Is Burning," the fight to get the show made, making magic with Ryan Murphy and the pressure to get it right.

The best queer characters expanding mainstream TV this fall

Show time! The 2018 TV season offers scores of queers in minor roles, walk-ons and cameos, as well as a relatively rich roster of leading, key or main characters.

Kathy Griffin has ‘giant pot of tea’ to spill on Trump in Atlanta

Comedian Kathy Griffin tackles the Trump photo controversy that almost ended her career in her 'Laugh Your Head Off World Tour,' hitting the Cobb Energy Centre on Sept. 21.

Peanuts strip comes full queer circle in ‘Dog Sees God’

The lessons and characters of the beloved comic featuring Snoopy and his friends are all grown up as disenfranchised youth in the thoroughly modern 'Dog Sees God' at Out Front.

LGBTQ Atlanta artist breathes life into other people’s bodies

When human bodies become canvases, art is elevated. It's a transcendence that makes local painter Roberto Hernandez a master of living art.

Judy Gold hits ATL with humor in her heart and the F Word on her lips

Veteran writer, actress and comedian Judy Gold hits Atlanta Monday night with love-over-hate for the social movements that the current "bunch of idiots" administration has launched.

Comic Joel Kim Booster refuses to be ‘less gay’ at Red Clay Fest

Joel Kim Booster made his late-night debut on Conan, has been on Logo’s Comedy Cabaret, and his Comedy Central stand-up spcial drops like pants in a sex club Oct. 20. He's in Atlanta this week.

Atlantan Amiyah Scott brings trans issues to life on Fox’s ‘Star’

Amiyah Scott’s time on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' may have ended prematurely, but the transgender model has moved on to a higher-profile new show that’s also set in Atlanta – Oscar-nominee Lee Daniels’ new show 'Star.'

Andy Cohen wants his Sunday Funday in Atlanta

Watch what happens when Bravo-lebrity Andy Cohen returns this weekend to pitch his new book during the day and play in gay Atlanta party spots all night long. College cheerleaders beware.

Porsha gay baits into new ‘Housewives’ season

Porsha Williams is back to her sermonizing, gay-baiting ways on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' this time accusing a cast member of being a lesbian like it's a bad thing.

‘Looking’ for an ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ gay time

Gays looking for an entertainment fix have options aplenty this weekend. Patsy and Edina come to the big screen in 'Absolutely Fabulous' while HBO closes 'Looking' with the finale you've been waiting for.