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Defining our own LGBTQ love stories beyond marriage

Younger. Older. Coupled. Single. Any and all LGBTQ subcultures. Wherever you stand, you may notice an odd phenomenon: the polarizing notion that same-sex couples should get...

Is assimilation erasing LGBTQ culture? No, and here’s why.

As the equality floodgates continue opening, the LGBTQ landscape is morphing, and spurring debate about the queer next generation – a great one if...

‘Vanilla Milkshake’ film writes a queer love letter to Atlanta

When filmmaker Dany Flores started putting together her latest short film, Atlanta was front-and-center. Now she hopes her “Vanilla Milkshake” brings all the local...

Out on Film’s full 2020 slate takes Atlanta on a ‘Journey’

Atlanta’s LGBTQ Film Festival announced its 33rd annual roster of screenings on Thursday that maintains the event's scope and depth, even as it adapts to this year’s pandemic-era challenges.

Big Ass Telethon 3 to feature, benefit southern queer artists

After showing the LGBTQ South how virtual fundraising shows are done back in April, Atlanta’s Wussy and Southern Fried Queer Pride teams rejoin forces for another Big Ass Telethon.

LNDN calling: Musician launches foundation for queer artists

Shining a light on the black, queer experience is part and parcel of the music by local artist LNDN. Now the Atlanta artist has found a way to give back to other creators.

Gay Atlanta author wins coveted Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

LGBTQ Atlanta's constellation of stars became brighter this week when Emory professor Jericho Brown became the 2020 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Atlanta Queer Arts Alliance debuts virtual performance showcase

Even before coronavirus, an alliance of queer Atlanta arts groups was burgeoning. Their big debut takes place online in “Together At Home,” with music, movies, stage performances and songs.

Artists, celebs join forces for virtual queer, southern Big Ass Telethon

Queer Appalachia joins Atlanta promoters Wussy and Southern Fried Queer Pride and a ton of out celebrities for an online quarantine fundraiser, show and party.

Out singer Justin Utley sets sights on Georgia’s ‘American Nightmare’

His activism work in Utah helped to ban conversion therapy in the state. Now Justin Utley and his guitar have sights set on Georgia's laws on the practice.

The best Hulu, Prime and Netflix shows offering must-see LGBTQ TV

Things could be better, but they could be even worse. We could've been stuck inside back when queer viewing was reruns of "Will & Grace" and the random Cinemax feature.

The 10 most anticipated LGBTQ book titles coming out in 2020

What may turn out to be an even brighter bright side of the year than normal, tons of LGBTQ books to read during downtime are on the horizon for 2020.

Two legendary heroes engage in ‘warplay’ at Out Front

Atlanta’s GBTQ theater troupe turns to two mythic male figures for a reflection on male intimacy and the effects of wartime on any society.

Out singer Troye Sivan spotted in Midtown Atlanta

Troye Sivan has taken up residence in Atlanta and is loving our Southern hospitality, according to the gay singer and his fans.

Local musicologist releases definitive Kylie Minogue retrospective

Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge, Quentin Harrison's 'Record Redux' series follows Spice Girls, Carly, Donna Madonna with Kylie.

Must-see art and must-attend event are the new Fabnormal

Fabnormal is coming. The latest combination of must-attend event by Rigel Gemini and must-see artwork by his husband Cameron Lee takes a bow on Friday.

Family dynamics and May-December romance mingle in ‘Skintight’

Award-winning director Freddie Ashley launches Actor’s Express season with "Skintight," a sexy queer-inclusive show that asks, "Why and why not?" about cultural norms.

Atlanta Queer Arts Alliance forms to promote LGBTQ film, music and theater

Six longstanding queer arts organizations finally had enough when an Atlanta City Council member excluded them from a list of local queer game changers.

Atlanta mayor honors LGBTQ artists at City Hall

Some 20 LGBTQ artists were picked to have their work hang outside Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ office through the summer.

‘Evan Hansen,’ ‘Pitch Perfect’ star set to serenade Atlanta

Ben Platt packed some extremely noteworthy roles on stage and screen into his 25 years, and the out actor-singer shows no signs of stopping.




Index, ring fingers tell the secret of your penis

The next time you’re cruising Mr. Right Now, take a gander at his index and ring fingers. The difference between the two predicts what you’ll find when the package gets unwrapped. Less is more. Really.
Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium 2020

Massive expansion of ‘Church’ bar finally open after 2020 plot twists

Grant Henry’s vision is always unique, his dreams always big, and the quirky results always undeniable. Patrons see that dynamic in action again with...

Georgia LGBTQ leaders endorse Biden as pro-equality ‘champion’

Eleven LGBTQ leaders from metro Atlanta joined some 300 others nationwide to endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, calling them “the most pro-equality ticket...

10 gender identities to know and respect beyond the binary

Between, beside and beyond the binary come those people who identify outside the traditional male and female roles and expectations.