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One-man show walks Mitchell Anderson down memory lane

Emmy-nominated actor and gay Atlanta restauranteur Mitchell Anderson reflects on his life and unique career in his all-new cabaret-style show "You Better Call Your...

Out Front takes Atlanta to ‘Xanadu’ as season kickoff

Atlanta’s LGBTQ theatrical troupe kicks off its live-theater 2021-2022 season on Thursday with three fun-filled weeks of the musical favorite, “Xanadu.” The show is Out...

20 alternative LGBTQ Pride flags you might see flying

The Q family of publications exists for your true colors. We are here for flying your unique flag. Those two promises collide quite literally...

Gay Atlanta adult star DeAngelo Jackson makes his TV debut

Living authentically is the message that Pastor Eddie Lawrence preaches to his flock at Perpetual Peace Ministries, but does his own truth extend beyond the...

Event planners step up for Pride Weekend in Atlanta

Pride is so close we can just taste it. After sad news about the festival and parade, now a plethora of people are ready...

LGBTQ Atlanta ‘Menagerie’ takes over at Out Front

A new show brings queer performance artists into a theatrical setting and at least sometimes away from the bar scene. On Saturday at Out...

Actor’s Express dives into thrilling, twisty ‘Red Speedo’

The always-inclusive Actor’s Express opens its 34th season with the local premiere of Lucas Hnath’s Red Speedo on Saturday. It’s a triumphant return from...

Atlanta Pride still plans park festival with eye on Delta variant

A month after committing to return to Piedmont Park, Atlanta Pride Committee reiterated its plan to do just that. Pride still expects to host...

10 bad wedding guests you will not be able to avoid

So you settled on a big affair to celebrate your love. You thought of everything. From the invitations to the parting gifts, you’re set....

10 things LGBTQ patients look for in doctors and providers

Things to look for before choosing a medical office, from the top down, from waiting room to exam room, from staff policies to community engagement.

10 queer quotes to inspire your Stonewall season

Words of wisdom by, for, or about LGBTQIA Ghosts of Christmases Past place us in context of history and urge us forward as individuals and as a movement to forge the next chapter.

Ballroom 101, the far-reaching impact beyond ‘Legendary’ and ‘Pose’

The basics of an often sidelined or co-opted black queer subculture that takes us from from 'Paris' to 'Pose' with influences that, spoiler!, have nothing to do with Madonna’s ‘Vogue.’

5 bonus reasons to see Atlanta’s ‘Dreamgirls’ open-air screening

Maybe you were aware it’s been 40 years since “Dreamgirls” made its first bow on stage, or that 15 years passed since it made...

10 ways to make your queer love last

Finding and hanging onto a boo (or two) isn't a one-and-done proposition. It takes effort from all parties to keep it. Here are some things you can do every day to make sure your love is secure and growing.

10 intersectional identities that converge with, enhance being queer

Queerness is intersectional. It converges with and embraces aspects of your identity that are too often left out of “gay and lesbian” conversations.

Out Front builds sex-positive bridge to the past in ‘Jerker’

Phone sex, complicated gay love and a hand across two pandemic eras are just some of the connections to watch for in Robert Chesley’s...

Atlanta Film Festival returns with 15 ‘Pink Peach’ entries

The Atlanta Film Festival returns April 22 – May 2 with its Pink Peach track of LGBTQ films firmly intact. “The Atlanta Film Festival has...

10 ways to smash the patriarchy no matter your gender or sexuality

Fed up with a system of gender-biased oppression that keeps every one of us down, here’s how female, male, non-binary, cis and trans folks can all be feminists and do better in our daily lives.

10 queer-coded TV and movie characters who never came out

Was being literal too easy? Characters coded as queer have a history on screen as old as cinema itself. Sometimes, the strategy's often nefarious, often hilarious use created a legend.

LGBTQ spring TV to soothe the (hopefully) final pandemic stretch

As you make plans to emerge from a year-long lockdown like the super gay spring flower you are, the next few weeks are critical...