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You've got issues. No, not that kind. Even with all the gains in recent years, this crop of queer equality struggles still need resolving as voters go to the polls in 2018.

10 aspects of queer identity that aren’t going anywhere

Whether you're Team Queer Culture, Team Assimilation, or Team Both Worlds, take heart in these aspects of who we are that we expect to stick around.

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You tell yourself all kinds of stories about their behavior, but look around. We asked queer Atlantans how they knew their loved one was already all but gone. Here’s how you can tell.

10 formerly derogatory words LGBTQs have reclaimed as our own

Slurs can be hurtful. When we use them as a term of endearment or twist the concepts, we reclaim our terms, remove their power, and shift their meanings in our favor. Here are our top ten.

Single again? Here are 10 of the best things about flying solo

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10 queer quotes to inspire your New Year and your life

Words of wisdom by, for, or about LGBTQIA Ghosts of Christmases Past place us in context of history and urge us forward as individuals and as a movement to forge the next chapter.

10 things that really make you a truly sexy queer

Spoiler alert: It’s not about finances or fitness when looking for the secret to the laws of attraction. When it comes to being sexy, here’s what your fellow queers are really looking for.

10 queer things to do while you R-E-S-I-S-T

Revolution and resistance are part and parcel of queer identity. While others learn to express non-traditional lives as opposition to the Trump regime, LGBTQ communities are already rolling with ours.