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10 ways to be a better sweetheart this Valentine’s Day

Everybody's talking about Valentine's Day, and that's fine for one day. Here's how you can impress your boo and extend the Season of Love beyond the holiday and through the whole year.

10 signs that LGBTQ rights fights are shifting culture

When the going gets rough, it's empowering to look up from queer battles and headaches to acknowledge both the subtle and blatant changes all around us as signs of the times.

So you want to be a transgender ally

Help expand the spirit of Trans Day of Visibility throughout the year with lessons on how cisgender folks can engage with, think about, and include trans brothers and sisters.

10 2021 resolutions for everyone in LGBTQ Atlanta

Whether you torture yourself with individual resolutions or not, there are some things that all of us can resolve to do better in a team effort for all of LGBTQ Atlanta.

Dear Mr. President: Top 10 LGBTQ legal priorities for Joe Biden

Lambda Legal, an organization dedicated to championing HIV and LGBTQ court cases around the country, spent much of the last four years filing federal...

10 gender identities to know and respect beyond the binary

Between, beside and beyond the binary come those people who identify outside the traditional male and female roles and expectations.

10 personal promises everyone in LGBTQ Atlanta can make and keep

Whether you torture yourself with goals or set impossible standards, there are some things we can resolve to do better for ourselves and everyone...

10 aspects of LGBTQ identity that aren’t going anywhere

Whether you're Team Queer Culture, Team Assimilation, or Team Both Worlds, check out our in-depth discussion on the erasure of queer culture, then take...

10 best things about coming out as trans or nonbinary

Transgender and nonbinary folks share their thoughts on the best things about coming out, overcoming the fear of the unknown, and setting themselves free...

10 queer Atlanta influencers crushing it on Instagram

We narrowed a long list to our 10 favorite LGBTQ Instagram follows, each worth a look for original, compelling scrolls beyond the thirsty selfies you may or may not also enjoy.

10 formerly derogatory words and slurs LGBTQs reclaim as our own

​Slurs can be hurtful. When we use them as a term of endearment or twist the concepts, we reclaim our terms, remove their power,...

10 sure signs that your boo is already over you

You tell yourself all kinds of stories to justify their behavior, but look around. We asked LGBTQ Atlantans how and when they knew their...

10 things that really make us truly sexy

Spoiler alert: Despite the immediate appeal of eye candy like our cover guy, it's not about finances or fitness when looking for the secret to...

So you want to be an LGBTQ ally? 10 things to know, do and say

From sexuality vs. gender to role playing, from embracing non-binary and preferred pronouns, to rejecting tired assumptions and straight-splaining, these are the ways allies...

10 things everyone can do to fight racism in LGBTQ Atlanta

The time is now for everyone to actively end racism. It's not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist. Here’s what we all...

10 things you miss while clinging to toxic masculinity

It’s fine if you’re butch. It’s not fine if you rail on femmes and scoff at all femininity. It’s worse if you hate on those characteristics in yourself. You're Masc4MissingOut.

How to not end your relationship at the end of the world

I always thought straight people would end up zombies and queers would fight them off like “Sissy That Walking Dead." Turns out, it's worse.

8 steps to keeping New Year’s resolutions or getting any goal

Humans have contrasting abilities when it comes to keeping promises to ourselves. We can give ourselves too many breaks, and then be too hard on ourselves when we fall short.

Bye, в1тçн. 10 things queer Atlanta will not miss in the Roaring ’20s

Q's year-end series on queer things Atlanta will miss in the 2020s wraps up with things that we would actually be happy to never see again.

Roaring ’20s: 10 businesses and orgs we’ll miss in the new decade

Look back at gone-but-not-forgotten icons of the last 20 years as we head into the next. This time, businesses and organizations left only in memory.