10 Q Things

So you want to be an LGBTQ ally? 10 things to know, do and say

From sexuality vs. gender to role playing, from embracing non-binary and preferred pronouns, to rejecting tired assumptions and straight-splaining, these are the ways allies...

10 things everyone can do to fight racism in LGBTQ Atlanta

The time is now for everyone to actively end racism. It's not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist. Here’s what we all...

10 things you miss while clinging to toxic masculinity

It’s fine if you’re butch. It’s not fine if you rail on femmes and scoff at all femininity. It’s worse if you hate on those characteristics in yourself. You're Masc4MissingOut.

How to not end your relationship at the end of the world

I always thought straight people would end up zombies and queers would fight them off like “Sissy That Walking Dead." Turns out, it's worse.

8 steps to keeping New Year’s resolutions or getting any goal

Humans have contrasting abilities when it comes to keeping promises to ourselves. We can give ourselves too many breaks, and then be too hard on ourselves when we fall short.

Bye, в1тçн. 10 things queer Atlanta will not miss in the Roaring ’20s

Q's year-end series on queer things Atlanta will miss in the 2020s wraps up with things that we would actually be happy to never see again.

Roaring ’20s: 10 businesses and orgs we’ll miss in the new decade

Look back at gone-but-not-forgotten icons of the last 20 years as we head into the next. This time, businesses and organizations left only in memory.

Roaring ‘20s: 10 beloved LGBTQ faces we’ll miss in the next decade

Gone-but-not-forgotten icons of the last 20 years as we head into the next. This time, 10 of the many people queer Atlanta lost.

Roaring 2020s: LGBTQ Atlanta clubs we’ll miss from the last 20 years

For the end of 2019, the Q 10 Queer Things series looks back at gone-but-not-forgotten icons of the last 20 years. First up, places we partied.

Raid Q’s photo archives to solve your costume conundrum

Atlanta’s queer Halloween past inspires costumes in the present. Check out 10 shots from over a decade of LGBTQ Halloween events for ideas.

Say bi, bi bigotry on Bisexual Visibility Day

Some 20 years after the commemoration of Bisexual Visibility Day officially began, Bs in our LGBTQs still face double-edged bias. Here's 10 things they want you to know.

10 ways to support the local LGBTQ arts

It's common to lean on and expect makers and creators to just do what they do, but here are ways to respect their work and help them thrive.

The award for Actor in a Lead Role goes to 10 shows with transgender principals

During sea-change TV transformation for transgender actors playing transgender characters on the small screen, these faces stand out.

LGBTQ women who love women reveal 10 things about their sex lives

We went to some trusted sources for revelations specifically about lesbian sex from cis and trans-identified women who have sex with women.

10 ways pets are better than people

LGBTQ families include furry kids in the mix more often than our non-queer counterparts. Even when we're single, and that's for all these reasons.

Play the Joining Hearts drinking game with these guys

10 things you can count on after 32 years of pool parties. Take a shot each time you encounter these sure bets at the July 20 Celebrate main event in Piedmont Park.

Our favorite Miz Cracker quotes as she heads to Atlanta

You may know her best as a blonde, and you might even know her better as a pickle. Miz Cracker brings her lasting impression to My Sister's Room.

10 ways doctors and providers can measure up on LGBTQ healthcare

Things to look for before choosing a medical office, from the top down, from waiting room to exam room, from staff policies to community engagement.

10 books to queer up your summer reading list

Whether you read at the beach, at the pool, in the backyard, in bed or in the bathtub, LGBTQ books and titles of queer interest are here to make the most of your lazy, hazy lounging time.

Ballroom 101, the far-reaching impact beyond ‘Paris’ and ‘Pose’

The basics of an often sidelined or co-opted black queer subculture that takes us from from 'Paris' to 'Pose' with influences that, spoiler!, have nothing to do with Madonna’s ‘Vogue.’