Baton Bob to security: ‘I’ll fuck you up’

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Whistle-blowing, baton twirling gay street performer Baton Bob faces two misdemeanor charges after an apparent profanity-laced argument with security guards at Colony Square and a scuffle with an off-duty Atlanta police officer.

But video taken before his arrest at the intersection of 14th & Peachtree streets appears to contradict some of the allegations a police officer includes in a report released after Baton Bob's arrest.

Early Thursday, the 61-year-old Baton Bob -- whose legal name is Bob Jamerson -- remained in the Fulton County Jail on $4,000 bond (mugshot right). He's charged with obstruction and simple assault.

Atlanta police arrested Baton Bob about noon on Wednesday as he performed in Midtown to celebrate the Supreme Court's DOMA dump. Two female security officers at Colony Square requested help from Midtown Blue, the private security force of the Midtown Alliance.

The security officers told Officer H.J. Davis that Baton Bob frequently performs at the retail and office complex and "causes a disturbance daily," according to an incident report from the Atlanta Police Department (see below). When they asked Baton Bob to leave, he apparently responded with a string of profanities.

"While talking to the suspect, the victims said that he stated, 'fuck you, I'll fuck you up.' The suspect began to call both security guards bitches and told them, 'don't fuck with me, I'll fuck you up.' The suspect continued to threaten and use obscenities when one of the victims called Sgt. Briggs at Midtown Blue."

When Davis, working off-duty for Midtown Blue, arrived, he spotted Baton Bob "blowing a whistle and dancing on the corner" near the intersection of 14th and Peachtree streets.

"While the suspect was blowing his whistle on the corner, I observed numerous vehicles stopping in the middle of the roadway causing traffic. The suspect was dancing and gyrating in a sexual manner on the city sidewalk blocking pedestrian traffic."

But the video above, shot minutes before he was arrested, shows that Baton Bob's performance was not impacting passing traffic. And it took place on an expansive sidewalk with few pedestrians nearby. Photos of Baton Bob being arrested show few people nearby.

Then, according to his report, Davis approached Baton Bob.

"After speaking to both victims, who stated they wanted to press charges, I approached the suspect. I told the suspect that he needed to come with me because I needed to ask him questions concerning the incident. The suspect stated, 'fuck you, what's this about."

And the confrontation got physical.

"I attempted to grab the suspects hand, and he pulled away and walked off. I followed the suspect a short distance and was able to grab his hand. The suspect began to push away in an attempt to get his wrist out of my grip. I was able to put the suspect right hand behind his back and he refused to give me his left hand in an attempt to get his wrist out of my grip. I was able to put the suspect right hand behind his back and he refused to give me his left hand after numerous orders to do so."

Then an attempted shot to the junk.

"While trying to grab the other suspects hand, the suspect kicked my leg and attempted to kick my private area. I eventually got the suspect into handcuffs and walked him back to the incident location. While passing the victims, the suspect repeatedly said, 'fuck you, bitch.' The suspect told me that I was a 'black bitch,' and continued to call me a bitch. The suspect also stated that he would have me out of uniform after this is over. While getting information from the victims, the suspect continued to call the victims bitches."

But in the back of a police cruiser, Baton Bob apparently softened his tone.

"While the suspect was being transported, and away from all of the attention at the intersection, he apologized and had a different demeanor. He stated that his aggression towards me was because of how he felt the security guards treated him. The suspect continued to apologize and stated he was thankful with how respectful I was. I advised the suspect that there were no harm and I just wanted to hear his side of the story. When the suspect arrived at the precinct he was even more cooperative and continued to apologize."

Baton Bob's pre-jail post to Facebook on Wednesday confirmed his change of heart about the arresting officer.

"First of all, the atl police officer that responded to the incident thru security has been very respectful and gracious to me even in handcuffs. So, the situation escalated from a complaint from a security officer in the area and for some reason she rolled up on me like she didn't know who I was and like I had not been there before. For them to call police to come to intervene was not necessary. So, out of it, because of my fury, the Atlanta police officer did not understand the elements of the situation, so he was trying to do his job, respectfully and arrested my ass!!!!!!!!! I'll be out tomorrow so look out for my show at 14th and Peachtree. So now I'm waiting to be transported so I can sign my own bond and get the hell out of here. I want to verify, that the Atlanta police was respectful to me considering the circumstances. See you when I see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's not always so complementary of Atlanta police.

Midtown Alliance offered up an explanation to the incident to Creative Loafing.

"[Atlanta Police] asked Mr. Jamerson to leave the property and Mr. Jamerson again refused and continued to be verbally abusive to security personnel," Colonel Wayne Mock, Midtown Alliance's public safety director. "At that point, Mr. Jamerson pushed Officer Davis and was placed under arrest and transported by APD."

"On a personal note, this is a very unfortunate incident," Mock says. "Mr. Jamerson has added to the unique character of Midtown for many years and has appeared at the Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting earlier this year."



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