Those vaunted gatherers of dining determinations at Zagat compiled a list of America’s Most Iconic Restaurants and our very own gay and gray Cheshire Bridge stomping ground of classic Southern fare, Colonnade, made the list.

And if you “love” Zagat’s “notorious” overdose of “quotation marks” in their many “restaurant” reviews, then “you” will love “this.”

Most everyone is either “gay or gray” at this “step-back-in-time” Cheshire Bridge “institution” that looks like “God’s waiting room” and dishes out “classic meat-and-two” Southern plates in “dinner-tonight-lunch-tomorrow” portions; sure, it’s “cash-only”, the decor’s right out of the “’70s” and the service skews “sassy”, but compensations include “cheap” tabs, “seriously high-octane potables” and an experience that’s “like nothing else in Atlanta.”

Note to self: stop referring to yourself as “gay” and adopt the much more colorful “skewing sassy.”

Speaking of sassy, the commenters below the story teed off on Austin, Texas area eatery Salt Lick, and one who preferred to remain anonymous—In an internet bitch-fest? How dare you sir and/or ma’am!—took issue with Colonnade’s inclusion.

The Atlanta Colonnade? Definitely your father’s Oldsmobile. Kind of like characrterizing PoFolks restaurantd as iconic. Similar food, clientelle, ambience. Where are Nick and Nina? What have you done to Zagat? Do any of your editors cook? Yegads, what mishmash!

And as we make our return back to Spellcheck Island, congrats to Colonnade for landing on the list. Hide your fire extinguishers and your wallets.

Skew sassy, gay Atlanta.

[Photo via Deep Fried Kudzu]