imageYouthPride, beset with financial troubles over the last several months that led to cuts in staffers, announced a boost in funding from two grant sources.

The grant increases from Fulton County and the United Way total about $90,000, providing a big boost for the organization’s annual budget of about $280,000. Terence McPhaul (photo), YouthPride’s CEO, announced the grants in an email early Wednesday.

“YP’s continued good news is a testament to the high level of service and commitment that our supporters and volunteers have delivered,” McPhaul says in the email. “We can be so proud that we made the final cut in ultra-competitive grant processes.”

McPhaul says the organization’s grant from Fulton County was approved for $80,000, which is a dramatic increase from the $10,000 YouthPride received in 2009. Overall funds from the United Way also jumped about $20,000 to a total of $60,588 despite a drop in its SafeZone grant from about $30,000 last year to $26,307 this year, McPhaul says.

The increased funding comes as YouthPride is experiencing a 25 percent increase in attendance at its center on Edgewood Avenue.

A drop in donations and grants prompted YouthPride to furlough three of its six staff members in December. The board also slashed the annual operating budget about $70,000 to $280,000. In January, one of two executive directors was fired due to YouthPride’s ongoing financial duress.

Despite the funding problems and cutbacks, YouthPride still enjoys deep community support. Its annual Evolve! fundraiser drew more than 300 people in April.

Photo by Sher Pruitt