The troubles of YouthPride, beset with financial concerns and adrift in a fundraising campaign with a moving target, have cast the spotlight on Executive Director Terence McPhaul. He’s not quite ready for his close-up.

McPhaul takes a combative tone with Dyana Bagby, the GA Voice deputy editor who has been documenting YouthPride’s troubles, when she tries to interview him on Monday. Bagby caught the tense exchange on video.

“Now you are being antagonistic with me and you don’t have to be,” McPhaul says. “I am telling you that I am on my way back to the office because I have other work to do.”

Before dashing into a waiting elevator, McPhaul says he’s “more than happy to cooperate with you” but then doesn’t answer Bagby’s questions about who serves on the non-profit’s board and how often they meet. He even says a report that the board hasn’t met in two years is false, but then doesn’t say when it last met.

The exchange took place on Monday after the meeting of the LGBT advisory board for the Atlanta Police Department. McPhaul sits on that panel.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest GA Voice story about YouthPride and McPhaul’s inability to provide a list of current board members or recall when they last met.