imageDavid Atlanta delves into some fun stuff this week’s issue.

They go with Margaret Cho’s invasion of Atlanta for the cover. The fag hag comedian is spending some time here taping the new Lifetime show “Drop Dead Diva,” where she plays an assistant to the lead character.

Cho says her gay fans have welcomed her to Atlanta with open arms, and she predicts many local memories will be immortalized in one of her future stand-up routines.

“I have to probably spend a little more time here because I haven’t been here enough, but I think a lot of it will show up in my act at some point,” she says.

The mag also talks with Reco Chapple, one of the many, many gays on the cast of Bravo’s “The Fashion Show.” Chapple cut his deign teeth with drag queens in Nashville and later Atlanta. David also takes a look at MondoHomo, the queer arts fest that opens May 21.

It’s one of the stronger issues of the mag we’ve seen recently. It brings back some of the interesting interviews that were pushed aside when it launched a redesign in late February. Expanded event listings and nightlife pics were added, but when combined with a drop in advertising seen across most print publications, it left little room for larger features. At least with the May 14 issue, David seems to make it all work.

Our pick for Bitch of the Week:

When my best friend and I were watching “Cheaters” together the other day, I started to feel guilty about the blow job I gave to his boyfriend.

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