imageSome weeks at David Atlanta have to be more fun than others.

Take the production of the April 25 issue, which features a model clad only in blue briefs. It’s the mag’s annual Underwear Issue and you just have to think that sitting around and selecting hot guys wearing form-fitting (and we mean form-fitting) undies is a pretty good way to pass the time. Especially when you’re at work.

Tucked inside (pun intended) is 14 pages of various briefs on various models. That should keep you busy for a little while.

Done yet? You can also check out Topher Payne’s take on bonding with readers and Michael Jeffrey’s recollection of a brief-stealing trick. It’s a little fun mixed with a little creepy.

Our pick for Bitch of the Week:

Instead of spending so much time wondering why you were just a one night stand, you should spend more time douching your ass before coming to get fucked by me, and then I wouldn’t treat you like stinky trash.

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