An effort by gay Atlanta City Council member Alex Wan to scrub Cheshire Bridge Road clean of its popular porn palaces, gloryholes and strip joints is on hold – for at least 60 days.

The city’s Zoning Review Board tabled the proposal on Thursday after strong opposition emerged. Wan says adult-oriented businesses and other non-conforming enterprises on the strip have had eight years to come into compliance with a 2005 rezoning effort to clean up the red light district. But business owners and attorneys for the sex shops objected, according to WABE.

“We have thriving and viable businesses who are being told that they they will lose their property rights due to this ordinance and as a result…[it] constitutes a taking of private property and violates both the Georgia and U.S. constitutions,” said Laurel David, an attorney for a group of property owners along the corridor.

Alan Begner, the attorney who defended the Eagle 8 and has represented adult-oriented businesses in past cases against the city, told WSB that the proposals would impact the character of Cheshire Bridge.

“It’s the most wonderful street in Atlanta,” said attorney Alan Begner, who represents the Dollhouse and other businesses.

Wan’s proposal, which would give businesses two years to conform or get pushed out, would impact several that cater to gay customers, including Bliss, Inserection and Southern Nights. Other non-sexually-oriented businesses would also be impacted. The proposal sparked a passionate debate on Project Q’s Facebook page last month.

Wan tells WSB that the delay will provide time to regroup before moving forward on his proposals.

“It gives us time to revise and possibly refine it,” said Wan.

In the meantime, continue slumming on the strip with your foodie friends. And enjoying the porn and strippers. Just not this one.