We love sex-positive goings on that shake the shoes of the establishment, so color us pink over an upstart event that brings “Sex Down South.” Good, because that’s exactly where we like it.

Sex Down South ATL is currently crowdfunding an conference devoted entirely to discussing a broad range of topics on all things sexual and erotic. And yes, that includes all the wonderful and varied erotica and sex acts enjoyed by gay, lesbian, transgender and gender-nonconforming people. 

An essential part of Sex Down South is our commitment to diversity. Rooted in the idea of sexual liberation, it is vital to us that we cover a wide range of topics that are led and spearheaded by voices that are often unheard or marginalized. 

We are dedicated to having a diverse range of presenters and audience members, and are especially committed to highlighting and centering the voices of women of color, trans* and gender non-conforming folks, sex workers, queer people, and differently-abled individuals.

Among the organizers is Marla Renee Stewart (photo), a sexologist and professional sex and relationship coach. Known as “The Sex Architect,” Stewart created Velvet Lips, an Atlanta-based sex-ed company. 

Plans for the conference include discussions of race and sexuality, gender roles in sex, and varied expressions of sexual desire. Why? “Because you love Sex Down South,” according the group’s Indiegogo Page pitch (video below).

We can’t argue with them there. LGBT Atlanta does love its sex, from  group sex and eager bottoms, to your boozing and bottoming habits and shrinking penises. We also love our weekend-long gay festivals, parties and conferences, from sweet vanilla  to the ones that turn you black and blue



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