What would you go back and tell your closeted self?

Q Voices columnists join forces in this week's Pride issue with advice to their pre-coming-out selves.

From light-hearted and simple to serious and nuanced, their wisdom shines through as it does each week in Q magazine.

Just in time for Atlanta Pride Weekend and National Coming Out Day, we think this chorus raises their voices in a special way that strikes just the right note.






Vince Shifflett

Embrace your beautiful unique self.  


Tameeka Hunter

It really does get better!


Charles E. Davis

Find someone you trust and are comfortable with to tell first. Be prepared for rejection from some. In many cases your friends will become your family and your support.


Heather Maloney

There’s no right or wrong sexuality when you’re trans. It’s entirely what you understand about yourself and the person or people you're attracted to. No one else’s opinion on this matters.


Alexandra Tyler

Being gay is wonderful! Embrace it. Pride is about countering culturally taught shame. Embrace that, too.


Eric Paulk

Don't let anyone scare or shame you into being anything that your authentic self.  


Ian Aber

You get to be gay. They have to be straight. Enjoy yourself.


Gabrielle Claiborne

Please know that the risk of what you might lose or the pain that you may experience pales to the loss and regret of denying the truth of who you were always meant to be. The most difficult aspect of courage is the first step.


James Parker Sheffield

Regardless of how hard any of this is, you drew a better situation than most. It isn’t enough for things to “get better” for just you. You’re obligated to remember that.

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