Hi. We’re your gay neighbors. And by the way, don’t mind the sometimes loud grunts, naked men, cameras and large vats of lube around the place. Sometimes, we lend our house out for porn shoots.

Yes, that’s what a couple in Midtown might be telling their own version of Wisteria Lane now that they’ve been outed by a local gay nightlife glossy as holding porn shoots in their 3,300-square-foot home. Not that there’s anything wrong that—we just don’t have the room in the Project Q Atlanta headquarters for all of that.

imageBut, really. Do you think they want it broadcast through the gayborhood that Michael Lucas (right photo) was on location to shoot “Piss” and “Fart”? That’s what David Atlanta did this week in its Talk column.

There’s a home near Midtown unlike any other in Atlanta — a modern mini mansion that is widely admired for its architecture and design, as well as the exquisite details of its décor. And if you pay close enough attention to those details, you might also spot the home in one of your favorite XXX videos — if you love raunchy porn.

The residential gem has been showcased in Atlanta Magazine and most recently the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which profiled the home this past weekend. In a photo spread of the home, the AJC hilariously noted that the place is “filled with ‘little surprises.’”

Little surprises? Uh oh! It sounds like one of the cast members might have left some evidence around after Michael Lucas shot his recent flicks “Piss” and “Fart” inside the immaculate home.

We love it! Not only do gay men own one of the crown jewels of modern living in Atlanta, but they’re awesome enough to volunteer it as the set for some truly kinky video play.

It takes about five seconds to search the phrase “filled with ‘little surprises” on and come up with the site’s Private Quarters profile of Lee Bryan and Joe Keller (top photo). Or you could just read the post we had March 23 about the couple and their AJC profile and make the same connection.

The couple razed the house that sat on the lot and constructed something more fitting of their contemporary style. But this descriptive phrase from the profile—combined with the new details about the porn shoot—gives us a little chuckle.

The neighbors enjoy the props, says Lee Bryan, whose eponymously named Midtown firm, specializing in interior design and Italian kitchens, is a 10-minute drive away.

Large, curtainless windows draw Atlanta into the great room.

Well, a certain segment of Atlanta anyway.

Check out a photo gallery of the house—sans Lucas and his well-endowed actors.