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Thanks to Project Q’s LGBT savvy supporters

Thanks to this week's advertisers, partners and sponsors for helping make it possible for us to bring you the latest LGBT news, buzz and events from across metro Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Thanks to Project Q’s LGBT savvy supporters

Thanks to this week's advertisers, partners and sponsors for helping make it possible for us to bring you the latest LGBT news, buzz and events from across metro Atlanta.    READ MORE »

The Week: Pride, politics, beats, jocks

image For the Kid fashionably salutes its patrons
Politics: One gay in, one gay out in District 6 race for Atlanta City Council
Atlanta Pride announces slate of June events
Fitness: Exercise as a way to drop that blood pressure
We’re makng porn in our boxy Midtown home
Music: Big beats, beautiful music in new releases
TV: Tim Gunn says buh bye to Bravo.
Nightlife: Social Tuesdays does drinks old school at W
Nightlife: Apparently, you can’t keep a good ‘ho down
Sports: The Bucks bootie-licious rugby
Music: Making music keeps me sane and balanced
Beer pong, liplocks don’t mix at Agnes Scott
Career: What to do when the economy kills the career Atlanta Pride announces slate of June events
Sports: Atlanta Xplosion readies for women’s football
Sports: Bucks close home schedule with muddy loss    READ MORE »

Pride, Bucks, Obama, volleyball, Dream

Looking back at the week on Project Q Atlanta.

Atlanta Pride offers three picks for '09 theme.
Gay business groups celebrate holidays.
Q100 jock at Bert Weiss strips down for bet.
Obama-Warren flap includes Georgia twist.
Social Tuesdays (photo) goes casual at Lindbergh.
Bucks swap scrums for drag in annual benefit.
Hotlanta Volleyball readies for busy January.
Ryan Seacrest: Wrong time for love?
'Gods of Football': Aussie rugby at its best.
Atlanta Dream enjoys strong December.
Pampering the pup with a set of stairs.
Atlanta 'Housewives' gets second season.
Burger King has a new 'Flame' for you.    READ MORE »

Pride, history, Gay Agenda, Bravo

image Pride 2009 goes to Central Park.
Gays for Obama rally the vote.
Social Tuesdays premiere a hit.
ZAMI (photo) honors scholars and activists.
David Atlanta celebrates 10 years.
Gay group gets cranky with McCain.
GLBT History kicks off.
Number of gay candidates tops 100 in '08 cycle.
There's smooching all over the place.
Vote early and vote often.
Bravo keeps 'Project Runway' for now.
Morning Ramble's daily wrap on the gay news for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


The Peach, softball, Dream and cereal

image Atlanta Dream names Anne Barr a "woman of inspiration."
Peach tennis tourney aces its way through Labor Day Weekend.
Teams from the Hotlanta Softball League take on the Gay Softball World Series.
Marynell Meadors delivers stern lecture to the Atlanta Dream. It doesn't help, but the lesbians don't mind.
Shaun and Paul (photo) may go from modeling to wrestling (other guys).
Whistlepig the wonder hog may finally get a name.
Fast pass to the NFL -- if you've got $128.
image Matt Ryan makes the Detroit Lions his bitch for his NFL debut.
Gauging the impact of the gay golds in the Beijing Olympics.
Michael Phelps versus Bryan Clay (bottom photo) in the cereal wars.
Dan LeFevour's gunning for the Heisman Trophy. And our affection.
If there was a bromance between Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic, it's now over.


Gays, gold and the Olympics

image There's a new in the 'hood. And it's on the juice.
Hotlanta Softball gets ready for the World Series.
Labor Day means it's time for tennis with a few hundred gay players.
Women's Outdoor Network prepares for charity golf tournament.
Matthew Mitcham (photo) fails in medal bid in the 3-meter competition, but becomes first openly gay male Olympian to grab gold.
David Beckham tells Olympic officials, "I want in."
Local tennis hottie Robby Ginepri tunes up before U.S. Open.
Rafael Nadal has a muscular butt. And he likes it to be ogled.
Georgia Tech struts their stuff in new uniforms.
You decide if sexy athletes are evil.


Animals, eye candy and the Olympics

image Hotlanta Softball closes out season (photo) while looking ahead to Fall Ball.
Hotlanta Volleyball's athletic eye candy.
Atlanta Bucks bring back Rugby 101, but it's not underwater.
Piedmont Park loosens its ban a little.
Elton John bringing gay to Kennesaw. Andy Roddick, too.
U.S. men's gymnastics team strikes a pose.
Michael Phelps dissected.
Olympic Village needs a little love.
Women's soccer coming (back) to Atlanta.
The G-Braves' whistlepig the woodchuck.
Porn-posing college jocks exposed, then dumped.
Who let the Dogs in?
ESPN delivers morning cup of sports.
Mike Piazza comes out -- of South Beach.


Olympics, Olympics, Olympics

image In case you missed it, the Olympics opened on Friday and there are at least 10 gay jocks competing.
Matthew Mitcham is one of the openly gay jocks in Beijing and he debuts next week.
Michael Phelps likes plaid (and gold).
Former Atlantan and Olympian Bruce Hayes speaks out.
Who has the best Olympic abs?
Piedmont Park still digging for answers.
The Atlanta Team Tennis Association loves peaches. More specifically, the Peach.
What to do in August? Local gay sports groups offer some ideas.
AirTran loves Michael Vick and Matt Ryan.
Sarah Thomas taps on the NFL's glass ceiling.
Under Armour may not like the gays.


Spikes, dives and pumping iron

image Hotlanta Classic goes off without a hitch. That’s volleyball, folks. There's photos, too.
Action Cycling drops big donation on Emory Vaccine Center.
Gay chamber scores with Atlanta Dream reception. Yup, photos for this one, too.
Lisa Borders loves the Dream.
Why we love Olympic decathletes. (photo)
Remember Greg Louganis?
Falcons prepare for new season while other local pros struggle with irrelevancy.
Georgia Tech football players pump the iron.
Shaq dumps Kobe. Then Miami. And now his house.    READ MORE »

Golden Trout and sporty Pride

Trout grabs medals at international championships.

Hotlanta Softball enters home stretch.

When it comes to Atlanta Pride, sports groups bring it.

Atlanta Dream wins one. Then another. Then they lose.

Gay swimmers miss cut for Beijing Olympics.

Bojo’s sexy mojo.

Olympic swimmer battles foe out of water.

What you don’t know about butt wedges and whizzinators.

Chipper’s got so
much money he doesn’t care.

Vince Young is smooth. No homo.

Frenchy’s on a roller coaster ride with the Atlanta Braves.

A-Rod knows how to vogue.


Runners, sparkplugs and losers

Run, gays, run.

Atlanta Dream wants to win and draw a big crowd for ESPN2.

NASCAR has gay fans. And they have a web site. Really.

Flag football preps for title game.

Gordon Beckham’s a cute loser.

Candace Parker says, “Dunk this.”

Mike Gonzalez is a sexy sparkplug.

Jim Palmer’s got nothing on David Beckham.

Wimbledon not so friendly to Ginepri.

Zach Bogosian brings sexy back to the Atlanta Thrashers.

Big Apple gets Big Cock.