When it was all over on Sunday, the gay designer behind Kandi Burruss' feather fabulous wedding gown didn't make her look like a drag queen. But two fashion queens took exception to carrying it around in a sack like Santa.

The gays love making a wedding better (and gayer) for reality TV. And Burruss loves her Atlanta gays. So the two got married, figuratively, for "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" spinoff "Kandi's Wedding," which had its finale on Sunday as Burruss got married, literally.

Designer Reco Chapple's gown delighted Burruss, overcoming initial concerns that it had enough straps, lace, feathers and silk mesh to make her compete with the drag queens she cheered during the Atlanta Pride parade last October. But it wasn't easy for Chapple, who delivered the finally finished product just hours before the ceremony after an all-nighter of fashion fixes.

"A bitch been on Red Bull, coffee and Cheese Nips," Chapple sighed as he presented it to Burruss. At least he was too tired for another meltdown.

But what got the show's gays dishing was how Chapple left the makeup room with the dress. Gathered into a bed sheet, slung over his shoulder. Derek J, the gay stylist and longtime "Housewives" sidekick, took exception. "No shade," he told Burruss after Chapple left and then ... launched into some shade.

"But he's just going to wrap your expensive dress in a sheet? You didn't see him just sack that across his shoulder and come out like he's Santa Claus," he said.

Derek J and Miss Lawrence, another gay stylist and sidekick from "Housewives," served more shade during the wedding reception. But the pair, Bravo's "Fashion Queens," had nothing but nice to offer for Burruss.

"Her waist was snatched for the gods, honey," Miss Lawrence dished.