When the one and only Ricky Martin takes Atlanta on Thursday, the Grammy winner brings decades of sex appeal and years as an out gay man to his fans so we can all Live Atlanta Loca at Philips Arena.

The Atlanta stop on Martin’s One World Tour also includes opening act Wisin. The singer colaborated with Martin on “Adrenalina,” which was a radio hit as well as a YouTube sensation. The concert might contain hints of a new single that they joined forces on and will be released soon. Wisin’s solo career, including second album “El Regreso del Sobreviviente” (The Return of the Survivor), have established him as one of Urban Music’s top hit makers.

But let’s be honest. It’s Ricky you came to see. And on the 23rd stop on a whirlwind 25-stop tour in Atlanta, he shows no signs of letting up. It comes complete with hits fans won’t want to miss, as well as new songs from his latest work, according to his website.

The show for the tour is completely new and has been designed for a demanding public, with a great production, an incredible stage, elaborate choreography and the set-list includes both classic and new hits from his latest album, “A Quien Quiera Escuchar”, the tenth studio album by Martin that debuted at number one in the charts and has reached Top 5 with three of his singles, including “Adiós”, “Disparo Al Corazón” and “La Mordidita.”

Not that we're obsessing, but we’ve even eyed his One World set list. In honor of the big night, we take time out to investigate all the sexy reasons that gay Atlanta loves Martin so much. After you whet your appetite, be sure to buy your tickets via Live Nation and get your bon bon to Philips on Thursday.


Of course Ricky still oozes the hotness.



Like, so much.



He just adds to it with the whole gay daddy thing.



But we admit, we still think of him like this first.



Or singing sweet nothings to no one but us.



Or of course, livin’ la vida loca with him.



We imagine a lot of things.



But while we’re thinking this.



And then waking up like this.



We admit we’re more likely to see him like this.



Which is cool because it comes with that smile.



And hopefully the proverbial shaking of the bon-bon.



And other sundry Ricky parts.



Yep. He’s still got it.



And moves it.



Oh and outfits. Ricky loves a gay costume change.



Not to mention sexy backup dancers.



Who do this.



So while we’ll always have our Instadreams.



And our fantasies that we were on the beach that day.



As if he needed to come out, but anyway.



We’ll hold tight to that smile.



And that smolder.



And that smolder laying down with its shirt open.



OK we’re kind of crazy excited for Thursday.



Until then, amor.