This will wake you up on a brisk winter day. Sexy gay rapper Cazwell serves bad boy from a steamy bathtub wearing just work boots and chains. “RuPaul” fave Manila Luzon throws politically incorrect shade. It’s gay pop culture heaven in the new video for “Helen Keller.”

The video dropped on Tuesday, and the diss of the title describes when somebody no longer exists for you. You act like you can’t hear or see them, and they have been “Helen Kellered.”

That’s pretty much how we watch the video too: We only have eyes for Cazwell. Naked. Of course, Luzon is there like when she dazzled Atlanta, but as you'll hear, “We don’t see huh.” And there’s a new song involved somehow we think, with a tag line provided by drag queen Roxy. “We don’t see huh” either.

In summary, a hot gay rapper warms you up in a tub. He and a couple of famous drag queens rap with lyrics including steam room sex. And of course, Cazwell. In case you missed it, he’s naked in a bathtub.