Anger management issue Baton Bob stepped into the middle of another TV show, this time twirling for the queens of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

His cameo came during Sunday's episode, which was set inside gay fave 10th & Piedmont. It's a corner of the gayborhood that "Real Housewives" has been working recently, including a bling-bling shopping trip through the Pet Set.

On Sunday's episode, Baton Bob continued this befuddling dichotomy: He's a continued fascination of straight people and irritant to the gay ones (and WSB reporters) growing weary of his antics, temper and interruption of events. Last month, he paraded into the middle of a drum line performance during the 11th Annual Toy Party & Silent Auction.

But for this appearance, "Real Housewives" producers quieted that wretched whistle. And no dinky was dangled.